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Fantasy Street fighter

Hi there guys :)
This pic was done for the new book of :iconudoncrew: " Udon´s Art of Capcom 2", there you can find a lot of pics done by the crew for Capcom. Wanna know more of this book? check this :)

For this pic, the idea was take the SF characters into a different context/genre. I remember that old fantasy Beat´m up from Capcom, like Knights of the round, Dungeons & dragons, Warzard, etc . so I take them into a fantasy/Dungeons & Dragons/RPG style :P
Ryu as the warrior, Chun li as a thief, Cammy as an Elven/priest, Ken as a knight, etc :p was very fun to do, hope you like it :)

PSCS/bamboo/13 hours or so/music: Dragonforce - Valley of the Damned
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Dungeon and Dragons Street Fighter Edition.
I love it!
I loved your drawing and your creativity truly
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Genzoman por favor dibuja a sakura es mi peliadora faborita despues de chun li solo te falta ella
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Hey Genzo! Can I get an HD closeup/seperate image of Wizard Sakura? She looks cute!
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ryu looks like guts
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I love that idea for Cammy! :D

Great work :)
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:iconimpervyplz: Mmmm, Cammy still can't help but flaunt that buff booty.
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Cool! That would make a great game!
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Insanely creative and amazing!
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Like that art so much. I wish that Capcom ask you to do a Fantasy costume set for Street Fighter :D
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Ryu kinda looks like Guts from "Berserk"...
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Capcom should make a dlc with the Street Fighter characters for Dragon`s Dogma!.
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New costumes for USF4!
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muy buena :), haste de samus aran
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what would AKUMA be in all this ?!!
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Maybe the unbeatable Black Knight...
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Amazing job! Love Cammy especially as she's my favourite character. This needs to be a wallpaper in itself but would love to a larger Cammy as a wallpaper. This pic is bound to inspire a few fanfiction too.
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Sakura looks gorgeous
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