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I hope you had a happy X´mas :)
Hi there guys! this was an image done as "secret santa" for my good friend :iconelsevilla: I hope you like it man :).
There was a looooong time that i wanted to do a draw of Haruko and kanchi. FLCL is my favorite series from Gainax along Eva and Nadia, there is so many reasons: Haruko is an awesome character. I love the soundtrack by The Pillows is awesome and also, I feel a bit nostalgic about the times when I watched the OVAs for first time :)

This image was also featured in the upcoming fanbook "Strong women in Manga and anime". The fanbook will be out near the 15th January. It will be available at the conventions
about japanese culture and on the web site in
the limit of 150 exemplars.

PSCS4/bamboo/hours/music: Last Dinosaur - The Pillows…
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Oh my god this one is so awesome I love FLCL.
ShyFlames01's avatar
Just finished it 2 days ago. Now in my top 3 favs
+10000 papu, te chupo el escroto como si no hubiese un mañana.
this is awsome
What's Fooly Cooly? 
Junohhh's avatar
I freakin love this anime, when it ended I felt some sort of void in my life like when you finish an rpg that you really enjoyed =-(
really nice pic btw!
bgftsrl-f4ll's avatar
I recently found a copy of vol. 2 of the manga, so now I have the complete manga and anime! :iconrockonplz:
SpookyRov90's avatar
awesome that was a weird but awesome anime...great drawing 
wolfdark93's avatar
Mi segundo anime favorito, es grandioso, hermoso y maravilloso :)
landra15's avatar
Funny anime. Haruko's my favorite. She's so crazy and funny.^_^
Zynoveous-Prime's avatar
It's like Natsu's little sister. Holy shit.
Whovian03's avatar
You mean Edolis Natsu's little sister.
Calithane23's avatar
if anyone can figure out the plot to this show will become awesome
wolfdark93's avatar
exelente trabajo genzo, un saludo desde Talca
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I remeber this crazy ass show. Watched it when I was just a little me(even though I wasn't supposed to :3)as usual I love your use of colors more than anything else. Don't think I've seen any as good as yours on this sight to be honest.
lunitare's avatar
yey!!! really love this anime!!!
EchoPanda's avatar
Awesome art, indeed FLCL is one of the most awesome anime of all time. . . it's simply one of those anime you have to watch
VectorJehuty's avatar
I love this, thank you :)
JokerLord713's avatar
FLCL will never not be cool. It's just so awesome.
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this is absolutely going in my fav btw
you you just earned a watcher :3

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Que pasada, amo ese anime, como siempre genzo impresionandome xD
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