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Eisheth Zenunim



This pic is the 3nd part of a set of ilustrations I done based on the Zohar´s "Four angels of prostitution" a months ago :)
8hours/bamboo/PSCS/Music: Hysteria - Muse (the lyric of this song was on my mind the whooole process of this pic)


Eisheth Zenunim, Isheth Zenunim or just Eisheth, is one of the four queens of hell and second wife of the demon Samael. She is knowed to be the angel of whoredom (This entity is also part of the trinity infernal beast with the Goat and Samael.), mother of the prostitution ("the prostitute or woman of all and any") and mother of the Goat. As Her fellow succubi (Lilith,Agrat Bat Mahlat and Naamah), she is part of of the group knowed as "angels of prostitution" in Zoharistic texts.

It´s suposed to be the youngest of Samael wifes (Eve and Lilith, created directly by God and Agrat Bat Mahlat, was originated from the side of them, acording to the Sepher ha-Zohar) and the ruler of the southern quarter (Egypt), the southern quarter is controversial, since it is assigned to a country instead of to a city, like the other quarters, (Salamanca, Rome and Damascus), the name of the ruler is unclear, identified as Mahalat or Rahab instead of Eisheth as the true ruler. Is a seductive devil and is in a eternal journey for the fall of the man into the sins of the flesh. She feeds on the souls of the fallen.
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