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Dust to Dust

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Ayu, was a strange embassador form a far land beyond the nile. he was pretty near to the pharaoh and his family, as a man of faith, but he fall, when was acused to be a heretic and a sorcery. after that, he desapear and he´s never been seen again. maybe a devil? who knows.

think in this way:
guy: c´mon, is our fourth date, give me a kissss!
girl: no! i dont!
guy: c´mon!!! plzzzz only a kisss a little one
girl: I say nooo!
guy: ok, then, tits or GTFO!!

a old drw for myths & Legends TCG :P
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“I don’t feel so good...”
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this the wizard art good drawing
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Great scene!!
Very well done painting job!!
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This girls pose is REALLY THAT exciting... The first one that made me... oops!
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The dude's gotta be gay not to want to touch that girl!
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He kinda looks like Mum-Rah....
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I like to think he's just putting her in storage rather than simply disintegrating her. Abducting the Pharaoh's daughter perhaps?

Nice work.
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i don't want that she die
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where do you find all of these stories
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i exactly thought that way =D
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its sad to see such a beautiful sexy woman go to dust like that.
And i actually love the way she looks. that dude should just go to hell.^^
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i stumbled upon this by accident... it's amazing. i feel lucky that i found it.
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who is the girl
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Not the harem girl!
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I...don't understand what's happening in this picture.
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the guy is turning the girl into sand
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So he's killing the hot girl. Sucks...
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I think that he will kidnap her.
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I would prefer that, but I'm sure he's killing her.
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<font><font class="">Poor girl :( , i like to see girls tied, but i don't to see someone killing them.You have a picture of a tied girl? Can we be friends? :)</font></font>
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She should have put out lol JKJK
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