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Hi Guys! I´t been a long time not posting here, I hope to dont be away too often. This is a commission done time ago for @PKUltimaSSB.
Her name is Dracanae and she is the OC of @yarroyarro on twitter. Love her design, I had a great time working on this :)
I hope you like it.
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She would be a great character for corruption of champions.

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As if it has not completely turned

to the reptile.

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Beautiful belly! :love:

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Gorgeous design, excellent execution 💖 I'm generally in favor of all things draconic, and I definitely dig the scales to skin look and the big, thicc tail :3

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Ooo, beautiful design! :heart:
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Very cute.
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She is beautiful and dangerous.
Ah, what a cute little monster she is!  I'll go adventuring with her! 
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Pretty cute for a half-dragon.
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Amazing Dragon Girl!
Looks awesome, dude.
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Fun anatomy, great sense of her as a person.
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Awesome work as always!!

Do you have a profile on artstation?
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Cute hair and face. I like her tail too.

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I really like her body type/shape, you've done a great job with her!
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If it weren't for the fact that she's topless, I'd say this almost looks like something from Paizo's Pathfinder/Starfinder universe.  Nice work.  
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shes CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great illustration and colors too. So cool.
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