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a pic of arround september of 2007 or so :)

In Irish mythology, Dana is also know as Danu (Old Irish), is most commonly known as the Mother of the Celtic Gods, In Celtic Mythology, the Goddess Dana was the mother Goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (The Tribes of Danu) however her presence is also felt in Hindu mythology. She is the Goddess of rivers and goddess of primordial waters, giving her name to dozens of rivers such as the Danube and the Don. Even a mountain on the face of Venus has been named after this great Goddess.

Dana’s children, upon arrive in Ireland have to struggle against their enemies, the evil Fomorians, whose own “Mother Goddess” is Domnu. Significantly, Domnu not only means “the world” but “the depths” of the earth.

Irish epics contain many episodes of the struggle between the Children of Domnu, representing darkness and chaos, and the Children of Danu, representing light and order Moreover, the Children of Domnu are never completely overcome or eradicated from the world. Symbolically they are the world. The conflict is between the waters of heaven and the base reality of world.

I like a lot celtic myths, lol, I love U2, sometimes I think I must born in Ireland :p
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᚛ᚄᚆᚔᚒᚔᚂ ᚇᚐᚅᚐ ᚐᚏ ᚅᚐ ᚆᚒᚔᚄᚉᚔ ᚐᚌᚒᚄ ᚐᚏ ᚈᚆᚐᚂᚐᚋᚆ ᚓᚏᚒ᚜
᚛ᚁᚆᚔ ᚐᚅ ᚈᚐᚂᚐᚋᚆ ᚉᚂᚒᚇᚐᚔᚈᚆᚓ ᚂᚓᚔᚄ ᚐᚅ ᚁᚆᚃᚓᚐᚏ ᚌᚂᚐᚄ ᚓᚋᚓᚏᚐᚂᚇ᚜
᚛ᚁᚆᚔ ᚐᚅ ᚇᚑᚋᚆᚐᚅ ᚌᚑ ᚆᚐᚂᚐᚔᚅᚅ ᚋᚐᚏ ᚁᚆᚔ ᚄᚓ ᚅᚒᚐ᚜
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Muito bom !!
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YoshiCrusaderHobbyist Writer
Looks beautiful! 
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She's so beautiful. :)
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I dont know why but it feels like you have mixed styles here and i love the way it works!
it feels like up top you almost have an old school comic coloration (vampirella, conan)
and then at the bottom it has an old school anime touch (hellsing, Vampire Hunter D)

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the work is amazing, the physical beauty of your subjects and the flowing robes and veils you dress them in!
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I am just soo in  love with your work, ya me gustaría plasmar como tu. Ole, ole y ole!!!!
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Very nice :3
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Bella-EnchantedProfessional General Artist
I love everything about this picture! The only thing I would tweak would be her crotch's a little too rounded as if it's a bulge. It should be more narrow and set back.
Classic cool and beautiful artwork 
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spikeblueHobbyist Artisan Crafter
beautiful great Artwork!
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sagitta-roseStudent General Artist
makes me proud to be irish
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zzzblackStudent Digital Artist
WOW ....:) (Smile) 
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Hm hm. Now I know why the British wanted to invade Ireland so bad. ^^
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great anatomy
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zeromaha2012Hobbyist Artist
Certainly know how to draw the perfect female form for a woman or lady. Absolutely awesome! Now where can you find this kind of beauty in real life?
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It's pretty mind boggling how some nations that are leagues away from one another could have such similar deities and myths, even before widespread sharing of information!
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also forgot to say something very important....... Super hot and VERY NICE art as always Genzo ;)
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yeah but i forgot where i read this but a LONG ASS TIME AGO, like inbetween ancient and prehistoric i guess, pre humans, or the very first travelled from europe down into asia and then into india if i remember correctly. I forgot where i saw this, I think this was national geographic channel or national geographic magazine, or some other educational resource. But yeah this could probably be how some of their religions and cultures are very similar :D
ooh!!! real celtic crumpet .
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That's really cool.
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