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Damsel in distress

Hi guys!  this piece was done in a livestream session time ago. It´s was fun to work on this because is the first time I get commissioned by someone to do a pic of one my OC :D and pretty much because it matches with the typical old western kind of poster/pinup/cliche where the damsel in distress is tied and thrown to the railroad by a mustache twirling bad guy (you know like Snidely Whiplash :P)
I hope you like it.

Here goes a color sample of a mini story (7 pages)
The Wanderer  VENT page 1 by GENZOMAN

if you want to see old sketches, pinups and color pages about The Wanderer, links here :)………………

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)
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*cuts the ropes unties her and removes her mouth cover* Poor her. :(
*Frees her*
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Or Oilcan Harry!  

My prospector, upon finding her in the car, says, "Welp, looks like I done struck paydirt!"  He picks her up, tosses her over his shoulder, and heads back to his cabin to hear what she has to say about her predicament.
hobbitshire's avatar
Great detail and colours.
Strikecomment63's avatar
(cuts her free)
I'll save you!
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Beautiful piece of art!  Clap 
A girl scene in trouble is cool!
I wish you much success!
Note: I would change the gag to one that covers the maiden's lips!
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The one criticism I have of this (constructive criticism, I hope) is that the way her hair falls and the lighting difference between her shoulders and face make it look as though her shoulders are disconnected from the rest of her.  To me, it appears that instead of lying with her shoulders tensed up; she's lying relaxed with large flesh-colored shoulderpads.  I know that's not actually what's going on, but I can't un-see it. 

Otherwise, great work!
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I find this very coal.
LudedWolf's avatar
Nice!!!!! Can tell me more about your Comic The Wanderer?
AllTheStawf's avatar
aww, she looks so comfy.
goomyiscute777's avatar
Waluigi, untie her IMMEDIATELY!
Ikarooz's avatar
"Oi, between all that coal I found a gold nugget!"
AllyrenaCupid's avatar
Amazing, I'd love be her 😊
Daro1234frog's avatar
Great work, is she lies on carbon? ^w^
klatuk4u's avatar
Wonderful work, like every thing you do!
Optymista2015's avatar
Fantastyczny rysunek!
Beautiful! :)
ashchistyle's avatar
damsel in resident evil 5  yup...that is distress
futuregirl78's avatar
Can some one do this to me
AlexTheDamsel's avatar
I know how you feel ;)
futuregirl78's avatar
So you love being tied up
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