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Castlevania - After Portrait Celebration

Hi guys! this is a commission done time ago for :iconjurasc: based in Stella Lecarde from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.
This image is a sequel to a previous drawing:

I hope you like it. More castlevania images:
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I’ve seen this drawing a couple of years ago and I think Netflix got inspired by it cause Lenore looks a bit like the twins from Postrait of ruin

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It's scary how much of that is true. More so the scene with Alucard and the two Japanese twins than Hector and Lenore.

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So the girls are having fun but the guy's not invited... typical.
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ok but do they turn her into a vampire at the end?
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judging by skin tone, this after they've been cured of vampirism.
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and they are rewarding her.

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wow! that is nice!!
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Celebration indeed.
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Does it have to be 2 girls having sex? Why not a warrior man and the 2 girls? I don't mean to be rude but these are my views. There just opinions. Other than that amazing artwork!
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It's 3 actually.
Illythyrra-Eldin's avatar
because these are the three characters in the game, that's why.  You really want to be floored?  the two purple haired girls are blood sisters, and the brownhaired girl is 15 years old.
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It's a commission so I don't think the artist has any other choice than to draw what the commissioner asked them to draw. 😓
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id rather see a girl than a guy. guys are so ugly.
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I don't think the guy in your profile picture would say this.
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Interesting that Loretta doesn't seem to mind about being second :XD:
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