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Capcom Fighting Tribute - SF vs Rival Schools

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Hi guys! this is the piece I did for Capcom Fighting Tribute Capcom by my good friends at :iconudoncrew: I been a long fan of SF games but I also have great memories of me and my brother playing Rival School on PSX. Since both games take place in the same universe, I did this image of a dream match with some of my favorite fighters (and their game equivalents by personalities) of each game series. I hope you like! it

Fighting Tribute was premiere with a limited-run convention edition hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con, July but you can pre-order the book righ

En español:
Pase muy buenos tiempos jugando Rival School con mis amigos en los arcades de Valparaiso. Hay un pequeño guiño escondido dedicado para la quinta region ;)
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wuau que gran dibujo fantastico y increible de street fighter vs rival schools yo tambien jugaba rival schols en las maquinitas de mi ciudad te quedo bien padre genzoman es un gran trabajo:):D
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That would be a sick game¡¡¡
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Street fighter Vs Rival School 
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Just amazing I love this art
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haz algún fanart de Batsu Ichimonji por favor! soy un gran admirador tuyo GENZO! tuve el agrado de conocerte en un evento de San Antonio "Toletolers Gamer" saludos desde San Antonio - V Región Chile :D
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wee need THIS GAME for real!
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God I wish they'd bring back RS!
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Good job, keep up the great art work
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Very epic, powerful, and well designed as usual.
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i miss rival school
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Always love your work dude. BTW, can I make a lil request? Can you PLEASE make a fan art of Momo Karuizawa and Shoma Sawamura. Thank you very much.
Rival School is my favorite game in my school days, specially the project justice version.
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Buen trabajo. Me gusto como quedo Juri Han.
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Me encanta este dibujo!
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This should be a game. Excellent work.
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Juri is in this so i like this. :) Lol 
 Nice job tho seriously. 
Rival School is still to date, my favorite fighting game. It was so easy to pick up, all the characters had awesome personalities and looks, and the story was pretty interesting. I was a BEAST with Nagare, Hayato, Hinata and Momo. I wish the franchise was brought back... ;_;
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I wish this was a game.  I could have Zaki team up with Juri.  mmmmm.
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Pretty freaking awesome, as always masterful work sir.
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Ahh Rival Schools I miss that game. Great work though!
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