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Cannon girl

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Hi there guys! looking for some references for a work I find this old pic done a couple of years ago as model for a figure/toy line, they have a bit advanced so pretty much the pose was choose by the client and I give it my own take on chara and weapon. Sadly cant remember the name. Hope you like it :)

PSCS/bamboo/8hours or so/music: Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
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Magnifica. Como siempre es pasarme por el perfil y quedarme a cuadros. Tú no decepcionas eh, normal que te llamen de Blizzard. Pero esta chica me suena... Espera.

¡Joder, es ella! ¡Sgt. O'Donell de Euphoria!…

Qué cabrones, callado se lo tenían los jodíos...


Magnificient. As always, is checking your profile and lose myself in the awesomeness. You don't dissappoint huh, no question that Blizzard calls you. But this girl feels familiar... Wait.

Hell, it's her! Euphoria's Sgt. O'Donell!…

Bastards, they kept it quiet the fuckers...
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:heart:Love:love:the Camouflage:heart:! 'HOOOAAH!':clap::clap::clap::salute::salute::salute::salute: Thank You!
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:iconalucardrapefaceplz::iconsaysplz:Bitches love cannons.

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Such fine detail in this piece !
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I know that chick is super hot and shit, but I cannot get my eyes off that gun
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me neither. that is the main reason i came here
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This is a great piece of art dont get me wrong. HOWEVER!
Why is this crew-serve, double barreled, recoil operated, air cooled, machine-gun both BELT AND MAGAZINE FED?!?!?!?
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I wonder if the belt is off to the side, keeping it off the ground to avoid dirt. The box behind her is full of grenades and what looks like mortar rounds, so she could be part of a firebase.

The fun question is if the guns are synchronized so they fire simultaneously, instead of alternating like the Italian machine gun. (That machine gun would put the first round on target, then the mount would wiggle back and forth due to the recoil from each barrel being offset from the pivot. Firing it with tracers would look like the letter 'V'.)
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Sweet pic! nice gun's and gunner.
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i hope you like: [link]
and i'm sorry if you dont like.
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Awesome work here
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Just Amazing!!!
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after this, when uncle SAM want people...........SIGH ME UP!!!
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Now gentleman.....Which guns r u looking at ^.^
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Only thing that comes to mind is either an obscure Italian SMG and the AA mount of the KPV. Of course, it's not like I'd *want* to deal with the girl behind the gun.
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