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Another draw from 2008

Brynhildr is a shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Norse mythology, where she appears as a main character in the Völsunga saga and some Eddic poems treating the same events.

Brynhildr is the daughter of Budli. She was ordered to decide a fight between two kings: Hjalmgunnar and Agnar. The valkyrie knew that Odin himself preferred the older king, Hjalmgunnar, yet Brynhildr decided the battle for Agnar. For this Odin condemned the valkyrie to live the life of a mortal woman, and imprisoned her in a remote castle behind a wall of shields on top of mount Hindarfjall in the Alps, and cursed her to sleep on a couch (while being surrounded by fire) until any man would rescue and marry her. The hero Sigurðr Sigmundson (Siegfried in the Nibelungenlied), heir to the clan of Völsung and slayer of the dragon Fafnir, entered the castle and awoke Brynhildr by removing her helmet and cutting off her chainmail armour. He immediately fell in love with the shieldmaiden and proposed to her with the magic ring Andvarinaut. Promising to return and make Brynhildr his bride, Sigurðr then left the castle and headed for the court of Gjuki, the King of Burgundyi

In the Eddic poem Helreið Brynhildar (Bryndhildr's ride to Hel), Brynhildr on her journey to Hel encounters a gýgr (giantess) who blames her for an immoral livelihood. Brynhildr responds to her accusations:

"Ever with grief
and all too long
Are men and women
born in the world;
But yet we shall live
our lives together,
Sigurth and I.
Sink down, Giantess!"

wiki´s copypasta :p, since I played Valkyrie profile I used to draw Valkyries with wings :p, secondary effects, lol

PSCS/Bamboo/cant remember time/music: Nightwish - Ghost Love Score

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goddess very nice drawing;) (Wink) 
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After seeing this picture last night, I looked up the Volsung saga and read all about Sigmund, Bryhildr (or maybe Bruuhilda of Austrasia) and Sigurd or Siegfried. I'm still getting the names turned around. Thanks for shining a light on these myths c:
ewolf20's avatar soon maybe
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Your art is awe inspiring. (Along as "just" inspiring.)

Valkyria Profile if far from being the only media picturing Valkyries with wings. (That said, I don't know were the strange idea of winged Valkyries came from.)
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I love your mythology arts!
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Awww! I love Valkyries! She's so beautyful! *-* <3
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Aye, this one's really a strong pose. not a surprise when depicting Brunhilde. :) The feathers on her helmet are reaaaaly nice - they look very very soft and fluffy... sorry! v////v Still a great peace of art. 
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Full epicness and sexyness.
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Beautiful and impresive
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"And he walks through Hellfire, because Brynhildr is worth it." - Dr. King Schultz, Django Unchained.
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wow!! I loved this one!!!
I like the Helmet especially. Good choice of music also.
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Must have for my angel Wings collection! Your art is still very
Impressive sir! Tres Fantastico :D
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I thought you should be aware - someone is posting your artwork on another site. In case you cared.

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I LOVE this story! I've got a copy of it in a volume that has six or seven tales of the Nordic pantheon.
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