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Hi there guys, there goes an image of batman i done time ago for a chilean fanbook/tribute called "Apocrifos del caballero oscuro" (Dark Knight´s Apocryphal). I tried to keep close to my favoirte version of Batman, the one drawn by Jim Aparo on 80´s comic like "Batman: Ten Nights of the Beast" (my favorite story of Batman) and of course the one from Batman Arkham Asylum/City games and films. Still didnt see The Dark Knight Rise, I hope to go the next week, love the take of Nolan on the films, indeed remind me a lot the more detective batman of 80´s. the hype is ON!! :D
Well, this image is an alternativa take, more serious one, because the tribute/fanbook is an humor book... I hope you like it :)

You want to see the original image? because you know, jump from building to building and being a vigilant all the night long will made you hungry... BATMAN EATING AN EMPANADA AND DRINKING CHICHA!! BEHOLD!!!!!!


EDIT: I watched the news, my condolences and prayers for the families of the victims in the cinema shooting :(
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I can just hear Kevin Conroy’s voice looking at this.

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Nananananananananananananananana BATMAN!!
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Batman looks incredible here!
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I... Am... BATMAN!!!
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Awesome, this makes me wanna show off my Batman!
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These look beautiful!
SERIOUSLY, I feel Jim Lee would make something just like this!
Batman Approved Pencil trick 
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Most impressive work!
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What paint tool do you use?
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Very Nice job, how long have you been drawing?
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me encanta la ilustración, precioso trabajo :3
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i love the contrast of orange and bue you have going on there!!
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Awesome, great work :)
Genzoman-  Please email me at - Looking for art for this years show. You have a couple pieces i would like to present to the group. Best, Eric Burris
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