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Bath Kol

PSCS/graphire 3/7 hours/Music: Gloria - U2 (very related by lyrics :p)



Bath Kol (Hebrew בּת קול: daughter of the voice or daughter of a voice) is a "heavenly or divine voice which proclaims God's will or judgment, His deeds and His commandments to individuals or to a number of persons, to rulers, communities, and even to whole nations." It was "identified with the Holy Spirit, even with God; but it differed essentially from the Prophets, though these spoke as the medium of the Holy Spirit."

In the period of the Tannaim (circa 100 BCE-200 CE) the term bath ḳōl was in very frequent use and was understood to signify not the direct voice of God, which was held to be supersensible, but the echo of the voice... a “voice from heaven”

ps: This pic is based on "Julinar" a very old comision I done a couple of years ago. is somekind of Update to the concept :)
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Im glad you depicted a good guy from theology
just woman angel very cool is magnificen
I greatly appreciate supernatural women 
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The focus is so good in the upper half of the image that it took me a bit to even notice the amount of people in the bottom, ha. Very nice composition.
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A female being portrayed as a hero at one of the main abrahamic religions ?! That's very surprising ! :o
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Not really at least not in Judaism.
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this would do excellent a skin of Kayle from League of Legends ^^
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Hello, where did you get the referrence for Bath Kol ? I mean this is an updatation {very wonderful indeed} but is there a drawing or something where you got the idea of how she looks? Please respond,its very important to me
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Such holy perfection can not be put into words... I can only say... Divine! :iconawestruckplz:
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It's like Kayle from League of Legends ^^
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wow!!! as always...
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wouldn't it be nice should she be paired with Metatron, Seraphim and voice of God? -^^-
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she has a bra or you didn't draw the tits xD lol
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Parece toda una guerrera de la justicia.
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So...the Holy Spirit is a woman?

I...didn't know that.

One thing though: the Holy Spirit shouldn't be scantily clad. After all, lust is a sin.
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first it is a sin for man to lust, we know nothing of the rules of angels, and secondly, being sexy is not the same as inspiring lust, in fact it would make sense that angels were near-irresistible women so that when people saw them their purity would be tested.
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It's an amazing picture but since it's from hebrew, it's actually pronounced baht kol. :3
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