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Bahamut (Arabic: بهموت‎ Bahamūt) is a vast fish that supports the earth in Arabian mythology. In some sources, Bahamut is described as having a head resembling a hippopotamus or elephant.

In Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings, Bahamut is a beast of Arabic mythology "altered and magnified" from Behemoth. In Arabic myth, Bahamut is a giant fish, described as so immense that a human cannot bear its sight; "all the seas of the world, placed in one of the fish's nostrils, would be like a mustard seed laid in the desert". According to Borges, Bahamut is the giant creature that Isa beholds in the 496th night of the One Thousand and One Nights.

Borges cites one Muslim tradition that describes Bahamut as a fish floating in a fathomless sea. On the fish is a bull called Kujata, on the bull, a ruby mountain; on the mountain, an angel; over the angel, six hells; over the hells, earth; and over the earth, seven heavens. Another tradition places the Earth's foundation on water, the water on a crag, the crag on a bull's forehead, the bull on a bed of sand, the sand on Bahamut, Bahamut on a stifling wind, and the wind on a mist; what is beneath the mist is unknown. In a similar telling of the hierarchy, Bahamut supports a layer of sand, on which stands a giant bull, on whose forehead rests a mountain of rock which holds the waters in which the earth is located. In popular culture and modern depictions, Bahamut appears more related to dragons, specially on Dungeons and dragons and Final fantasy series.

well im a big fan of FF, this one is :P a mixture btween ffVI ffVII and FFIX... and yes have a little touch of diablos GF, is still along Shiva, my favorite Summon/GF/aeon/esper/etc :D

photshop cs/intuos/5 hours... music:Clash on the Big Bridge of FF V the black mages version... nobuo uematsu is a genious :D

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