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Hi there guys! A find this commission done the last year about Avatar: The last airbender. Love that show, and the whole "bad guys" crew of course, they was so fun and original characters. Mai and Zuko was a very realistic couple. I still think the beach episode was one of the best in the show. I hope Legend of korra will be awesome, the trailer looks impressive.

pscs3/bamboo/8hours/music: nemo-nightwish
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Fantastic! I really like Mai.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Damn! This is top-notch art!
sophgoph's avatar
so much drama in one picture, i love it
SawuScimitar74's avatar
Magnificent drawing! I was hoping that Mai and Zuko would get married and have children together. They're so cute together. :)
xandraclay's avatar
Awesome! Your stuff is so good!Clap 
tomprime99's avatar
I love your drawings,what programe do you use? (sorry for my bad english)
Cyber-Angel-Rowan's avatar

The very definition thereof.
TheUnknownDutchMan's avatar
now thats what i call a O.P.P.!
Throneofsouls's avatar
This would make one badass poster. Heart 
AppleBelle751's avatar
This is simply amazing.
SaintlyPants's avatar
Mai will drink the tears of all zutarians.
MapleAndAnimeCrazy's avatar
Damn straight she will. And she'd do it with a completely straight face.
AnjyBanjy's avatar
YES! The beach episodes were totally awesome! (My fave part was when they burnt that kid's house down. LOL XD)
I love how you did their clothes and the glow on the flames... everything looks so... dynamic (ahaha, literally? xp).
Keep up the awesomeness~ ^.^
Knight-Tactus's avatar
Love the show. Love this piece.
Yurax-Mae's avatar
maricookie's avatar
MY OTP FOREVER :iconfinallyplz: 
sayuri4muu's avatar


Need I actually say more?

This is fierce and wild.

I love the contrast between the fire and the surrounding dark!!! 

TRiN-eVA's avatar
i love this but NO....
why zuko??? ;A;
Kyra2286's avatar
The angstiest couple of all time. :iconwooooplz:
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