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The basis of the story of Alraune dates to the Middles Ages in Germany. The humanoid-shaped Mandrake root or Mandragora officinarum was widely believed to be produced by the fluids of hanged men under the gallows. Alchemists claimed that when hanged men broke his necks, vital fluids fall to the floor and the earth absorbed their final "strengths". In some versions, it is blood or semen. The root itself was used in love philtres and potions while its fruit was supposed to facilitate pregnancy. Witches who "love" to the Mandrake root were said to produce offspring which had no feelings of real love and had no soul.

Very influenced by Castlevania, Love each one (yeah, even simon quest, LOL), Castlevania IV is still my favorite, followed by Rondo of blood, castleviania 3, SOTN and castlevania 64 (still, best 3D castlevania for me :p)

A draw for "War gods", if you live on Brazil, soon near to U :p
photoshop CS/Bamboo/7hours/Music: Wicked child -castlevania (I love this version of ocremix along with the remix of castlevania chronicles)

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so thats what that word means! Digimon world 3 brought me year and I had it a long time coming!
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:33< in dutch we call mandrake 'alruin'
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She reminds me of Poison Ivy
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She looks beautiful <3
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:D Now that's some nice research, if I do say so myself. ;u;

...Most people have no idea about that...
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Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night is the best!
Also, alraune is an OLD yugioh card.
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This is absolutely fantastic!
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I really do wonder which game (or whatever) started the whole alraune being a rose-woman thing. Even though the human-plant concept from it is understandable, alraune is just another word for mandrake, and mandrakes don't have anything to do with roses, yet it persists! 
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watch bayonetta 2 chapter 11 a version of alraune int here too 
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convenient rose petal
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Wait, so is the plant grown under the gallows the Alraune, or is it the witches children??
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Good looking as she is, Venus Weeds were a major pain in SOTN.
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every rose has its thorn o.o
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i thought that every coral has it's thorn
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lol, ever heard of the monster class 'Alraune' in the game 'Disgaea'?
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Thank you for sharing such fascinating lore on these things :O
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My first thoughts when I saw this were "gorgeous" and "Disgaea 2!" (awesome, under appreciated game). Love the design and colors
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you should draw dryad too! :D
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Kick ass, loved them in SoTN!
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Beautiful pic! Love the scythe!
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great work, keep like this.
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She should've been a Boss no? XD
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