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Allatum (Also knowed as Allatu, Allat, etc.) is an underworld goddess worshipped by western Semitic peoples, including the Carthaginians. She is modelled on the Mesopotamian goddess Ereshkigal and may equate with the Canaanite goddess Arsay.

The queen of the underworld, Chaldean legend tells us that Allat had solely rulled in the hell. Once, other gods invited her to the party that they had organised in the heaven. Due to her photophobia she refused, and sent a messenger, Namtar, her servant. His behaviour had infuriated Anu and Ea, and their anger was turned against his mistress. They sent Nergal to punish her. He pulled the queen by her hair from the throne, in order to decapitate her, but her prayers for mercy stopped him, and Nergal had made Allat her wife.

Other legends make her a sister of Astarte.

A old Illustration, arround january 2008.
PSCS/6hours/Bamboo/music: Eternal return-Therion (great song!!!)

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