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This is the new version done for Legendary Visions Artbook edited by :iconudoncrew: you can order it on amazon :)
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Let´s Wikiattack!

Aicaya is a caribbean legend about a young woman, a very beautiful one, always with a beautiful flower in her head, A hibiscus. all the men in the village wanted her for themselves even those who were engaged or married. The girl was an expert swimmer and was common to see her on the beach across the waves, while the men neglected their duties, hypnotized by the beauty her naked body. The village women, tired of this situation, conspired together to get rid of her. A night without men noticing, went to the house of the girl, she was taken as prisoner and carried to the beach"If you love the sea so much, go there and never come back!" The girl was obligated to live in the sea. Sometimes she come back but then the woman in the town make her go away. With the years, she become part fish but her memory fade away. The hibiscus in her head, remind her as she belongs to the land. Thats why she keep going to the beach and the ships in the ocean and the men still are hypnotized by her beauty, drowning into the sea.

photoshop CS/grapphire/6 hours/Music: The ocean - U2
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hi! I really love this artwork! where did you get the information about aicaya, was it a story you heard from someone or did you find it on the internet? please respond, thank you so much!
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DAANGGG Genzoman This is Crazy!!!
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Love this pic... damn men are so weak
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I love the strength you gave her tail!
Incredible o_o
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Totally speechless. *_*
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Do you wanna be my girlfriend, Ms. Aicaya?
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Your mermaids are always exquisit...
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Wow! Wow! Wow!
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I love that you include background information with your artwork. I love learning about different lore or mythologies and they beautiful art with it isn't bad either. Thanks for the great work!
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wow thats a tragic storie but defently not her fualt
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i love this worck
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i love this worck
when i am looking at this marvelous peace i am thinking of starting to sing "my jolly sailor boat" (just give me a kiss and after that if u want eat me),but then i remember -oh its just a pic duh and i am sure its not because of the rum
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hola genzo me encantan tus dibujos n_n espero ver pronto tus creaciones en cartas tan geniales! saludos!
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