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She is a Persian demoness of illness, servant of the evil Daevas in their battle aganist Ahura Mazda. She is part of a group of demons who eat the sins of the humans, knowed as "the Drugs". She personifies evil that is perceived or performed by the eye (her name means "evil eye". for ancient cultures, the eye was the window of the soul ).

a old draw for myths & Legends TCG for the arabian nights edition.
intuos/photoshop CS/ 6 hous/music :Awe of she - GGXX (god damn you daisuke ishiwatari T_T why you are so cool!?? I need so bad a GGXX online T_T)


ps: a lot of thanks to :icondualmask:, :iconcirqueducloud: and :iconmakotomikami: for help with their observations :)
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Love the eyes with the wings but they look kinda slapped on like stickers over the creases of the wings, because how are they gonna look when the wings are folded?? Logically, it doesn't make sense to me, but really great painting!! Please don't take offense :D
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How do you pronounce her name and how would it be written in Persian?
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This looks amazing
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Thanks for the info. At first I thought it was a mix between a succubus and a Homuculus from FMA. Just look at the wings, she could be the new Pride.
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mmmmmmm <.> <.>
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were did you get the information on this creature
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I have one word to describe this drawing: awesome!
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love it but the eye's look like there just floating
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is that how you wanted her to look or she did have white hair and wore such armor? and its epic art
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very epic i love the wings
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real sexy indeed.
good job.^^
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Evil...And pretty!
Another good story.
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We are looking for artists for our FaceBook game that know and love Ancient History and Ancient cultures from the year 1 BC and older.

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Here are the details:[link]
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Hell yeah! Awe of She! Gotta love Daisuke Ishiwatari! :XD:

This song is too good. Probably why you were listening to this while drawing THAT. :D It goes together! :nod:
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I love the eyes on her wings.
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Awesomes :D

She reminds me of the demon being in Hellboy II, because of the eyes on the wings
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