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Hi there guys :) i found a DVD with some commissions I done related to mexican revolution for a TCG, so, May 5th is near to the corner, so there will be some mexican stories for this week :)

Let´s wikiattack

"La Adelita" is one of the most famous corridos (folk songs) to come out of the Mexican Revolution. It is the story of a young woman in love with a sergeant who travels with him and his regiment.

The song is supposed to be based on a real-life character, the identity of whom, however, has not been yet established beyond doubt. Some claim her real name was Altagracia Martinez, also known as Marieta Martinez, while others maintain she was, in fact, Adela Velarde, who actually took part in military action in the capacity of nurse, not out of infatuation with a sergeant, as a popular myth goes.[1]

"La Adelita" came to be an archetype of a woman warrior in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. An Adelita was a soldadera, or woman soldier, who not only cooked and cared for the wounded but also actually fought in battles against Mexican government forces. In time the word adelita was used for all the soldaderas, who became a vital force in the revolutionary war efforts.

The term La Adelita has since come to signify a woman of strength and courage.

Hope you like it!
PSCS/Bamboo/6hours/Music: La Adelita

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Tu trabajo es EXCELENTE! y te agradezco por lo que has hecho para enfatizar a los héores mexicanos. Si algun dia tienes tiempo y te falta algo para dibujar, Investiga acerca del corrido del "Caballo Prieto Azabache". Un corrido basado en una de tantas historias que tuvieron lugar en La Revolucion Mexicana, incluso se hizo una pelicula basado en ello. Te aseguro que tan sólo con escuchar la canción, tendrás ideas para plasmar el acto heroico de ese noble caballo. Saludos desde México!

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Very cool
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She make a good servant in Fate/Stay Night
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looks amazing but I stronlgy doubt she was white
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wow, she looks so awesome, god job buddy!
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En lo alto de una bruta serranía 
acampado se encontraba un regimiento 
y una mosa que valiente lo seguia 
locamente enamorada del sargento 

popular entre la tropa era adelita 
la mujer que el sargento idolatraba 
por que a mas de ser valiente era bonita 
y hasta el mismo coronel la respetaba 

y se oia... 
que decia... 
aquel que tanto la queria... 

y si adelita se fura con otro 
la seguria por tierra y por mar 
si por mar en un buque de guerra 
si por tierra en tren melitar 

Hermosa imagen, de todas, sin lugar a dudas, mi favorita. Mi bisabuelo lucho al lado de Zapata, aun tenemos una carta de agradecimiento a todos sus soldados que pelearon con el con su firma. Mi bisabuela siguio a mi abuelo como su buena soldadera que fue, una vez terminada la revolucion regresaron a casa a terminar de criar a sus hijos, estoy segura que estas imagenes le hubieran gustado.
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Beautiful painting! I'm going to have to look up that song later!
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Could you make one for el cascabel and de colores?
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Very beautiful...:heart:...!!!
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wow, i have a lot of those cards... Mitos y Legendas isn't it?, the guy in the comic store i go sometimes stocked on them, but everyone who bought a package was dissapointed they didn't came in english, I didn't care and bought them anyway... the art is awesome, even if i barely know how to play (it's easier than those rulebooks magic the gathering shove down your troat) and i made a Mercenary deck (where even the gold counted as mercenary and some characters gained atk-def power with each mercenary card in play), i don't have anyone to play with tough, so i just collect them, and you are one of my favorite artists from those cards Genzo... thanks a lot for ilustrating for such a nice game
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Definitivamente una de mis ilustraciones favoritas, aunque su piel no sea morena xD
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When I'm older and have kids, I'm going to name my daughter after her <3
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So that's the legend where the band Adelitas Way got their name from. That's interesting, just like your art!
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if only mexican girls were like she
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Sos grande men
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Why are all Mexicans colored so light skinned? It's like a telenovela
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omg this is very pretty!
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