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Here's a poem.

Fuck Seaworld, fuck the oil companies, fuck the Indonesian government, I wish trees were in charge of everything, why can't anyone realize you can't eat money, this is a beautiful planet and you're treating it like shit,
excuse me,
why won't you wake up,
hurry, hurry, we're running out of clean water and air,
why isn't that important to you.
doomy doom doom doom
Fuck you all two-legged suicidal hominids addicted to cigarettes and nukes and the sound of bullets and fire.
Fuck you all blind.
Fuck you.
When she dies I'll go with her.
When she dies I'll go with her.
When she dies I'll go with her.
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Counter poem!

we were dead when this world began
nature is the tyrant of the land
with feeding, killing, raping, wounding
Propagating pain until the bones are protruding
we are but beasts, we are a reflection of nature
We are but codes of our evolution structure
Feeding on the lesser is what animals do 
and this planets end has always been true
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This totally reminds me of T S Eliot, from the 'we're all too stupid and now we're doomed' to the repetition at the end, his shantihs of The Wasteland. Actually The Hollow Men too. Now that I think that, those last lines "This is the way the world ends/this is the way the world ends/this is the way the world ends/not with a bang but a whimper", I think "This is the way the world ends/etc/when she dies I'll go with her" wouldn't be such an out of place substitution, and it keeps with the rhyme.

I get the impression this wasn't a poem you put up here so people could point and say 'hey that reminds me of this other poet let me tell you why'. Just so you know I recognize your own strong voice here too, I smiled a bit at the humor and feel a bit hollow - despite the strength and clarity of the voice and what it's saying, it's still being ignored here by the turds of the world and that can just drive a person to madness or turn them right into a husk.