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To the monster that whispers in my ear that I'm not worthy,
I will end you, motherfucker.

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wow this is so dark... awesome job! :)
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YESSS. I love the picture and I LOVE your quote. First this reminded me of Glorfindel vs the Balrog, because I'm a nerd, then it reminded me of te Babadook because, well, it's creepy, and then it reminded me of Ragnar from "Vikings" because of this person's haircut, but when all is said and done it's as powerful as everything it reminds me of put together. Particularly fond of the monster's glowing eyes, and the spikes of shadow, and very fond of despite the complete creepiness of the creepy creature you're still just standing there like COME AT ME BRO and the pose is perfect and I love the brightness around the flower. KEEP IT UP.
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Oh gosh I cannot even. You're so nice :D I praise your nerdiness! And I was very much inspired by the Babadook as it happens! And you watch Vikings. Like...oh gosh. You're so cool, thank you ever so much for the wonderful feedback, I just clicked on your gallery and now I'm going to watch you. Telepathic high five because you are an awesome human!
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Lol, wow, I've never had such a complimentary reply to a comment! Yes, I marathoned the first two seasons of Vikings over about three days because I really needed to get some knitting projects done and can't knit unless I'm watching something... Show blew me away. Anyways you're welcome very much for the well-deserved feedback and you're awesome too! I shall watch you back, for your work is creepy and colorful and totally wild.