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Enchanted Glade


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A Picture to Remember

Fruits Basket

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Twilight : Tree Top


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Last Hope -WALL-E


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Fakiru week 2018 - Royal

Princess Tutu

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Vivien Leigh


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Happy Halloween 2010

Blessed Samhain

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Faith Kanji


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every night of my life

Words of Wisdom

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Fushigi yuugi grp 2


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I love the wind Stamp


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Base - Cuddle?

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Knowing: Tokka

Knowing In life, there were a lot of things Sokka knew, and even more things he didn't know. He knew he had been dancing with Toph at Zuko's party. He didn't know what piece of furniture had caused them to trip.  He didn't know how they had come to be on the floor with Toph leaning against the wall.  He certainly didn't know how his face had ended up mere inches from hers. And looking back, he didn't know why he'd said it. He knew it wasn't a lie, but it was unlike anything he'd ever said to her before.  Maybe it was the plum wine, maybe it was the music humming in the background, maybe it was the imminent m


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A love poem for her...

There is this girl I met About two years ago. Ever since we met We have been best friends. But i'm afraid our friendship will end I want something more..yet i'm to scared to ask. They all say they're bi but that never lasts I want to finally say "I love you." to her I think she's straight. I don't know for sure. I love her smile And even her swearing. She calls me cute and silly. Even perky. When I cry she comes to my rescue I am the only one that can make her smile on the saddest of days We cause mischief and sillyness. I'm always that one girl everyone wants to hang around. Yet I'm also good at annyoing people when needed. She can sing She


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Just A Kiss

Aishiteruze Baby

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Yea Fang...Glad your safe too.

Maximum Ride

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Adiv Krios


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Commission: Levi


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Fish Feast


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Onigiri Journal Skin 1

Journal Skins

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Where your smile Ronin's?


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Jack Frost portrait


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Share a little love...

Emotes and Icons

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The Arrangement

The woman steps out onto the earth of the new country A life already of wear and tear, but seeking a beginning To find a soulmate, a passionate love, her only desire Now an organized meeting, arranged opportunity made A man chosen presents himself, his perchance to hope She turns aside, unable to countenance the connection Dreams so held, but another steps from the shadows Tender words shared, her heart melts, cares forgotten Their desire for each other, to love, to have and to hold Then intrusions, interventions, and interference befall Rupture, a breach forced upon them drives them apart So in this moment her heart breaks, once again fors


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Yuri on Ice

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Luka - Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug

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