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7G-Cursors are my 7th Generation of my very first set of cursors.

Why is it called 7th Generation, but your very first set of cursors released?

Well I been working on cursors for a while, and I was suppose to submit it to DA but something wasn't right them like my 1st-6th generation cursors. So then all Sunday, I decided to try again and see what I can and well, as you can see...they came out pretty good.

I thought about using Windows 7's spin wheel cursor for my cursors since I really like it and have I Windows 7 installed on my Windows XP system but yeah I'm thinking about adding a original 'busy' & 'working' cursor, but I want to know if any of you have ideas for my cursors too.

If you have a idea and would like to use my cursors for your ideas and want to do something together, just send me a note. :D

UpDate: 8G Unborn is now available in 12 colors. [link]
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Dude im using these right now...pretty sweet man