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Fantasia Sukittens - Flatsale (Closed)



Part of my early Cybermonday sales, a set of Fantasia Blessed Sukittens! All are babies and need to be grown. All traits will be listed in their MLs as they are made but all are blessed rare with various levels of traits in between common and fusion rare. Will mostly be messaging in the morning, as it's pretty late my time ;v;

Lore These Sukittens are unlike others, in that they were born in Fantasia's dreams.
And all without a home as they emerge from her realm. The world of Plumeria is very new to them, for some scary, for others an exciting new adventure!

Species - Sucat
Age - Baby/Sukitten
Rarity - Blessed (Fantasia) + Fantasia Chii (Event rare)

General Guide
♦ Payment - Paypal only
All are 50 USD
♦ First come first serve
♦ Must be 18+
♦ Full references sent after payment
♦ First come first serve
♦ Can claim as many as you'd like
♦ Comment to claim with the names of the sukitten/s you'd like

Steller Tuxedo - TJayArtwork (Pending)
Feather Reign 
- Suncompass (Paid)
Crystal Rose 
- Vontier (Paid)
Sparky Bird 
- Rewnel77 (Paid)
Moss Garden 
- sapphire-spider (Pending)
Floral Glow 
- Whitefoxfire (Pending)
Prism Cascade 
- starwrought (Paid)
Soft Night - Sudai-Shiro (Paid)

Art © GentleLarke
Plumeria-ARPG for more information on this  closed species and the world of Plumeria please visit our group!
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The Night app is magnificent!

Is it possible to request a custom? If so, how much would it cost? c: