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As there doesn't seem to be a way to change names here, I'm moving to a new profile, coincident with getting more serious about my photography.  This name is irrelevant and has been perceived negatively by some and I need to discard it.

It will take some time to move everything over as I'm taking the opportunity to reprocess many of the photos and color correct, etc.  When I'm done, I may delete the duplicates here so that there isn't more than one of them floating around the site, but I feel bad about the comments, favorites, etc. on the current ones, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I only ever had two watchers here, and I very much respect their opinions and work.  If they care to move with me, my new profile is up at

Thank you.
This is a new thing for me, taking artistic shots of people.  Obviously I've taken thousands of snapshots of family and friends, but actually arranging and composing shots of people, and especially managing poses, clothing and hair, is outside my experience.  Which makes it very exciting.  And frustrating when it doesn't work.  And amazing when it does.

Someplace I got tired of local landscapes.  My situation makes it hard for me to travel much or get to out of the way places.  I took a break for a few years from landscapes and concentrated on smaller frames, going back to the basics on lighting, color, composition.  Now, after fasting from strong backgrounds for so long, I'm getting hungry again.  This year I plan to scale up a bit, placing my subjects back in their environment with fore, mid, and background.  The synergies with portrait style composition are obvious.

I'm still not ready to revisit studio work with its carefully arranged backdrops, fully controlled lighting, and buttered up subjects.  Because I don't expect payment for my hobby, I have that freedom.  Maybe, like landscapes, I'll start to recover my interest in that type of work someday.  Maybe not.  Either way, I plan to take more pictures of people.

People are deep and beautiful, each in their own way.  I couldn't hope to tell their story from behind my unskilled lens.  But perhaps I can capture a little bit of that beauty, and in doing so, convey a whiff of that depth in my photography.  I'll have fun trying, anyway.
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After five years of regular use, my camera gave up on me and I was bereft for what seemed like a very long time.  My absence from deviantART marks that time.  Withdrawal, introspection, and a nod from my better half followed eventually, and I stepped up to the compact I really wanted.

It's good to be back behind a real SLR.  It's not full frame and so many things have changed since I learned to manage such a camera, but so many things are the same.  All I lack now is more time to get behind the camera and shoot.  And a few tips from the manual on how to adjust the bracketing or quick settings in various modes.  And lenses.  Always more lenses...

It's still a beautiful world.
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I've always enjoyed photography.  My father did photographic processing as a career when I was a kid, and there were always pictures of animals and scenery covering my walls (literally covering--up to 50 poster-sized reproductions at a time in my bedroom).

As a keeper and breeder of plants myself, my photography shows a bit of bias in that direction, but I'm always influenced by a feeling that the natural world contains so much richness and beauty that nothing I attempt to create will do justice to it.  Everything and every group of things share thousands of fascinating stories and my aim is to capture even one of them to some compelling degree in each photo.  If I can make that story come to life in a simple photograph, then I will feel that I have achieved something worth sharing.  If not, I will have learned something in the attempt, and that is a big part of what life is all about.

Is it not a beautiful world?
I'm thinking about digging up a bunch of my old artwork and putting it here, just for kicks.  No one really looks at any of my stuff here, so it probably makes little difference whether I do it here or on a gallery on my own websites, but it might be an interesting exercise.  Long ago I thought I was going to go into graphic design, but computer-related work came easily and paid well, so I never really explored any other roads.

Conversely, I have written much which probably won't end up here, because I'm not really happy with the site's presentation of the written word.  Someday I'll think about publishing those works again in another venue.