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This group focuses on the collection of art featuring family-friendly GTS art. Yes, it is a rare breed of GTS art, but hopefully making a group to showcase it will encourage people to create and enjoy this niche genre.

Art Rules:

-Art should, ideally, feature a humanoid female interacting with another humanoid (any gender) that is considerably smaller than her. So, giantess with humans or human lady with tinies are both accepted. Characters may be of any species but both the giantesses and tinies should be mostly humanoid. If it's not obvious just by looking at the picture that there's g/t going on, it probably won't be accepted.

-There must be some indication of scale in drawings not showing any g/t interaction. A picture of a giantess on a blank background will not be accepted, nor will art that gives no indication of the scale. If there's not tinies in the picture, there should be some kind of building or other object that makes it clear that this lady is NOT human-sized. And of course, human ladies who have tiny friends need to have the tiny friends with them to be featured here. Again, the art should not require people to read the description to understand why it's in the gallery.

-No crushing/vore/hurting of giants or tinies, including anything of the soft/non-fatal variety. This includes the threat of injury as well, ie, giantess dangling a tiny over her mouth. Even if she is just joking around. Basically, if you have to read the description to know the tiny isn't in danger or scared for their life, then it's not going to be accepted into this group.

-On a similar note, if the tiny is justifiably scared for their life (ie, giantess is teasing them or is oblivious to their existence in a way that is endangering them) then it won't be accepted. If the tiny is scared and the giantess is trying to comfort/protect them (ie, how many g/t "first meetings" go) then it will probably be accepted.

-No nudity, ie, showing of what would be the "bathing suit areas" on humans. For other species, genitals or breasts may not be shown. Changing the camera angle or adding a conveniently placed tree is not a way around this rule. If a lady is clearly not wearing a shirt or a guy is clearly not wearing pants, then it's not allowed, even if you can't actually see anything.

-Scantily clad giantesses are a grey area. Some manages to look family-friendly and non-fetishy (like a fun day at the beach) and others, not so much. Maybe in time I will be able to articulate the differences a bit better, but for now I'll just say that I'll be judging each piece individually, so some will make the cut and others not. Sorry I can't be more specific on that point. :(

-Nothing overly sexual, ie, tiny between bewbies, upskirts, etc.

Writing Rules:

(These are a bit more flexible than the art rules, simply because sometimes advancing the plot requires the tinies being put in danger or being hurt.)

-Please do not submit the story to this group until the giantess character(s) gets introduced. Once she is in the story, you may submit all chapters provided the story continues to follow the guidelines. Ie, if she is not introduced until Part 2, you cannot submit Part 1 until Part 2 is posted, at which time you may submit both parts.

-Similarly, if the giantess character starts out mean/evil, don't submit it until you've arrived at the part of the story where she becomes nice and treats the tiny with respect.

-Soft, consensual, non-fatal vore is allowed provided there is a warning.

-Making references to other characters in the world eating tinies or doing mean things is acceptable, provided not too much of it is "on screen"

-Implied sex between consenting characters in a relationship (aka, for reasons other than GTS/tiny fetish) is allowed. Graphically described sex of any kind is not allowed.

-RP prompts are not accepted. Finished RP's posted as stories are acceptable, provided they follow the other writing rules.

Finally, while I do try to define all the do's and don'ts of this group, I reserve the right to reject submissions if they just seem too fetish-y or just aren't with the spirit of the group.
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Apr 21, 2014


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So when I started this group, I wasn't quite sure how to sort out the art. I think I have it now, but I might be changing it in the future. For now, people can only submit to the Unsorted folder, and I'll sort them as I see fit. I've seen more than a few groups having trouble with things being in the wrong folder, so this way all submissions get dumped into one folder and I'll just put em where I think they belong. I hope that doesn't see to dictator-ish. O.O; Anyway, the folders as of now are:

Cutesy Fluffy
Slice of Life
Comics and Collages

I thought about doing a romance folder, but then I was worried I'd mistake a friendship moment for a couples moment, so I figured... eh, friendship fluff/cuddles or romantic fluff/cuddles, both are cute. x3

I'm in the process of sorting things out of the featured folder, but I will be putting some stuff back in the featured folder. A highlight reel, if you will. :3

And I greatly appreciate all the submissions people have found for us so far! Keep up the good work! (By which I mean keep doing my job for me kekekeke...)
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