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I'm sorry to post newly many times.
planning to release final next time.

It was remodeled.
The previous design is because I thought it was incomplete.
Variation addition will be next time.

The one which couldn't be downloaded was corrected.

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awesome concept !
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from where i can download that wallpaper ?
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I so much LOVE this! Thanks for sharing this! Arigatou gozaimasu!
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Can some one port this for vista PLEASE!!
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Epic win =D

Do you mind if I port this to vista?
Looks very good, but I much prefer the concept 'codename duo'.
This looks great! I'm using it now.

But, is there any way to change the Radio buttons?

I really have to doublecheck to see if I have selected the right thing because the color for the selected radio button is very similar to the border...

I really like the taskbar and the titlebar.
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Congratulations! This will be my visual style for long time,i think !
umm im just wondering
if i download it gna be in english >.< ?
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can you post that styler theme?
nice style btw
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This is a great improvement from the last work!
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Can you please add a shellstyle ?

It`s not importand what kind of shellstyle, any shellstyle would be great
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it's the best visual style since nitelitexp !! congratulations !!
норм тема как раз под новую оперу 9.5
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major bug on minimize/maximize/annd x button ;p can u repair it ? btw i love this theme!
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What are the contents about that?
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Awesome Work. Thanks for sharing. :-)
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I like it, Yeah.

But I think there's too much shadow on the arrows (If you see what I mean).
+ The corners of the windows don't look good : there is a little white pixel.

But ehh, do what you like man !
That's great anyway.
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would look better without the arrows.
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