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Future friends

"You don't know it yet, but we're future friends!" Now, who wouldn't trust someone who says this while trying to kill you? - Faye

Nobody who is trying to really kill you would say that : D 
Well, anyway. This drawing took, weirdly enough, less time then the one with Namahages and Ellis alone. Even if this one has a full background. Maybe I was just more motivated to work on it hmm?
It turned out pretty colourful in the end. ''Colourful'' is a word with which I have a love-hate relationship :v In the end, I never know if I should like pictures like this or not. But I believe I should. Getting out of the comfort bubble is something that is important while creating any kind of work, IMO.

Miels is lucky his random plant magic can *cough* almost, block a bullet. Barely. Don't bring a plant sword thing to a gun fight. >.>  - exxiry
How dare you call it random plant magic... - Faye

Made in: paint tool SAI

Made by: onaco / exxiry / me
Character: One with the silly looking weapon - Faye
One with the cool looking gun - exxiry
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