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Non-Phallic Imagery

Some people say that the Washington Monument is evil because it looks like a phallus. So, I present you with... something else! ;P

modeling, rendering, compositing = blender 2.49
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Awesome lighting with this! True, on close-up you can tell its a 3D image, but from afar you can fool just about anyone. ^^

And for the closet phallophiles (which is what they REALLy are), you should probably steer them clear away from Space Phallus. ^^;
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how did you render it to look so
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good lighting and good compositing.

I had one sun lamp as my key light, an area light opposite it with only specularity turned on and raytraced ambient occlusion at 12 samples.

Then I added the color correction, bloom and blurs in the compositor. (it made a BIG difference) I can upload the noodle setup I used if you want.
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I thought it was a photograph :XD:

Good one :)
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I was thinking of submitting it to the photograph category, but I can't make up a place where such a statue would exist.. :lol:

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