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I just wanted to make a cool planet.
I've always thought it would be fun.

I would imagine this planet has no rotation, but just slightly wobbles, with one side always facing it's sun and constantly erupting. The opposite side is frozen, while the center is paradise.
I would also think this planet would have a very short life span, but huge elements. Very few, but huge trees, big plains, and mountains, basically just giant everythings. The lava you see in the center is supposed to be like x ray vision.. if you were looking at the planet normally, all you would see was an ocean in the center.

I really hope you enjoy it though. I put a lot into it.

Check out progress shots here:…
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Cool way of portraying parts of the earth with the X-ray type of vision, if this is earth :D
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Whoa, beautiful. :)
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Thanks.  Prints are for sell and a free shirt with this design on it is available at
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Lol thanks!
I'm offering 1 free shirt of this design to the 1st person to reserve it by emailing
just cover $5 for shipping!

Multiple layouts are available.
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This reminds me of the layout for the game "Reus"...  This looks awesome, thanks for sharing!
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I want this on a shirt!
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Maybe some day. In the mean time reserve a print for your wall at
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This....this is really gorgeous <3
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aaa,wobbles,that's why it look to me like the leaking core...
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There nothing I don't like about this. It's fantastic well played.I love deviantART!
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I understand this is a digital art. If I have your permission I would like to give it a new impression in watercolor.
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Feel free to make your own version in watercolor. Just don't copy the image. Please keep the layout of your water, trees, mountains and land, etc different than this. Make it your own version :D also, credit given for the inspiration would be much appreciated.

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Certainly I will give the full credit to you and I cant be honored enough to give that credit. I will change this in my own version and send it to you. This is an awesome piece of art.
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looking forward to it.

I have a 12x12 canvas print of this that is hopefully going up in a cafe in my area.
It is also available for free on my site.  
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Unbelievable. This could be a new age art.
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