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Monster Girl Saga, Chapter 1 by GenocideHeart, literature

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My Bio
Why, hello! I recently started writing fanfiction again, and that's pretty much all I do. Don't expect drawings, I barely handle stick figures. My current fanfiction focus is Monster Girl Quest.

If you are a fanfiction lover, or simply like what I write, visit the link below to find The Fanfiction Forum, a community dedicated to fanfiction of all kinds. Or even simply to relax and talk about hobbies, sports, real life... focus is on fanfics, but that doesn't mean other topics are forbidden.

Hope to see you there.

Favourite Visual Artist
Q Hayashida
Favourite Movies
Army of Darkness
Favourite TV Shows
House, M.D.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yngwie Malmsteen (NOTE: I became deaf around 1991, so I wouldn't know anything about music past that)
Favourite Books
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever
Favourite Writers
Piers Anthony
Favourite Games
Monster Girl Quest, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, any Dynasty Warriors
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation 3, PS Vita
Tools of the Trade
Keyboard and mouse, duh. :p
Other Interests
Anime and manga, Console RPGs
This one is for Legend of Zelda. It's pretty twisted. :-D ---- == DARKLORD GANONDORF== The Gerudo King, as well as Hyrule’s Monster Lord. Originally one of the rare one-in-a-generation Gerudo males, he made a pact with a Genie of Darkness and became the ‘King of Monsters’, Ganon, to oppose the armies of Empress Zelda, bent on taking over all of Hyrule. Hylians mistakenly believe him to be evil due to his use of dark powers, but in truth he’s the chosen champion of the Twilight Goddess, Hylia, who opposes the insane God of Dawn Demise’s own champion, Zelda. ==EMPRESS ZELDA== The crafty, sinister ruler of Hyru
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Soul of the lost, withdrawn from it's vessel... Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended. So the world might be mended...
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A profile to tidy you over while I finish the chapter: ==CECIL== Cecille Adelheid Katrina von Rozenberg, more commonly known as Cecil, is a female Hero specializing in fast-draw techniques, hailing from the western island-based Kingdom of Lant, who has been sent on a mission by Lant’s Queen Diadora to enlist the help of the Hero of Sentora, Luka, in order to put an end to a sudden spike in monster activity in her country. Incidentally, she received assistance from the Heavenly Knight Alma Elma during part of her quest, though whether this was an intentional scheme by the Succubus Queen or just her being bored and playing around with t
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Hope you are doing okay. I know that Italy is in chaos right now. Stay safe.

I found his Facebook and checked in to see if he's okay--he's still alive and well, he's just had a hell of a writer's block.

We can only dream of the revival.
He is more active on gamefaqs. His last update was a little over two months ago. Link here:…
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Merry Christmas.
[or relevant midwinter holiday]