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The Blind Sorceress' Story
Outside the beer hall, a wooden sign read, 'Every day for a fortnight, The Blind Sorceress Entertains'. Inside, the beer hall was polluted with the sound of cheers and laughter coming from the crowd. All eyes were watching the girl on stage finish another magic trick. Jenni sat in a chair on the stage, watching the girl entertain the crowd. "Alright, that's enough magic, I'm done for the night." The girl announced, getting ready to head for the stairs. The excited crowd still wanted more entertainment though, and shouted for her to continue. "Tell a story!" One man bellowed to the stage. "If she says she's done, she's done." Jenni voiced to the crowd as she stood up to go to the bar. However, the girl turned back towards the crowd, "A story. Then I'm done." She uttered as she was sitting down in one of the chairs on the stage. Jenni sighed and sat back down in her chair. "There once was a girl, about the age I am now." She started, as the crowd quieted to listen to her tale. "She looke
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He is Strong like a wolf
but Sly like a fox
He is naturally smug
but rightfully so
Scars slightly mar his Looks
But each scar tells of Victory
save one or two
from the Fight he has lost
Muscles add to his Looks
and each Muscle shows a Strength
either Dagger or Bow
both hit their Marks
Green Eyes
opaque, Deep eyes
Blue Hair
rough, Smooth hair
Body covered by cloak
Concealing but non-hindering
Strong like a wolf
Sly like a fox
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Kufky the Sorceress
     While crude magic was becoming more widespread for a long time, it was a long time until a true sorcerer or sorceress came about. If you classify a sorcerer as someone with an understanding of the specifics of the magic behind something, and a mastery over at least one particular magic, than Lady Kukfy would have been the first sorceress. From the town of Terra, Lady Kufky was the first to do an in-depth study of magic, and better understand the concepts.
     She learned to control one of the most basic magics, the magic of changing temperature. While she could only do it in a very limited area, she used it to help sick people maintain body temperature, as well as to help start fires.
    Her skill in this sparked others to look more closely into magic, and the talented ones made more breakthroughs, thus this may be noted as the first big breakthrough point in the history of magic.
~"An In-Depth Look at the Ori
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Like Wolf Like Man
As a wolf pup is born and cared for by his mother
So is a baby born and cared for by his
As the wolf plays with the other pups of the pack
The baby plays with other babies from town
The pup travels with his pack
The child travels with its parents
The pup learns wolf things from the older wolves
The child learns human things from teachers
Pup learns to hunt with the pack
Child learns to work with others
Pup grows up and helps the pack
Child grows up and gets a job
As the wolf finds a mate and repeats the process
The man finds a wife and repeats the process.
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It's everywhere, in everyone
The things we draw, the words we write
The machines we dream up, the music we make
All start with creativity
Creativity that forms an idea
An idea, that becomes a concept
A concept, that we feel the need to share
A need to share that we fulfill
Some laugh, and some insult
But many cheer and support
Without nurturing our creativity, we do nothing
We would not have this poem
It was dreamed up
We would not have deviant art
It was dreamed up
We would not have the internet
It was dreamed up
We would not have computers
They were dreamed up
Many dreams, ideas, and concepts fail
But if we don't risk failure, we will never have success
We must accept our failure
Years of failure pale in comparison to a day of success
Our ideas will be made fun of
But a few will be praised
Many ideas will be ignored
But a few will be seen
We can not control which are praised, which are seen
But if we keep trying, we can guarantee that some
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Originally Human: Part I
The street was filled with the usual crowd for this time of day. A few were people walking up and down the streets, some out because they need to be, others out because of the nice weather. It was a fairly normal crowd, as far as normal went. Some people walked around with tails sticking out of their pants, a couple of people even had wings. Most genetic wings didn’t work for flight, but people seemed to like them for some reason. A few people had robotic parts, most had them covered with artificial skin, but others preferred to show them off. Astur Cresden and Eb Actos walked down the street, Astur was laughing. Eb was a normal sized man, with plain brown hair.
“I’m serious Ast.” Eb said, a bit annoyed by Astur’s laughing. Eb was about average height, his hair brown, his eyes were also brown, but wouldn’t be for long.
“You never go anywhere out of the city, and suddenly you want to go space travelling? I don’t see it happening.” Astur said,
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Prologue: Originally Human
       As the 21st century progressed through its early years, more and more research was devoted to computer technology and genetic research. Thanks to the efforts of several research projects, humans began to understand more about genetics then they had imagined before. As the funding for genetic research increased and research increased, the medical value of these discoveries became obvious. A group of scientists and medical professionals in Germany opened the first genetic enhancement center, offering tougher skin as well as many other medical benefits. Within the same year, a group of scientists in Japan opened a bio-tech medical center for implants, such as fully functional finger and arm replacements, offering higher abilities then natural limbs. Seeing the chance, a large politic movement for trans-humanism started to take hold in daily politics world-wide. In many countries, such as the United States, political groups argued the ethics of suc
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Drop to drop
Each rain drop in a rainstorm falls individually.
And each person enters the world socially isolated.
But the raindrop joins with others.
And the people make friends.
And the drops make streams.
Then the friens meet more people.
The streams finally join the river.
And the people go out into the world.
The river flows and changes.
The world and people we know moves and changes.
And eventually the river enters the ocean, where all drops eventually go.
The people eventually die, and they go where all individuals eventually go.
One drop of water is useless.
One person is weak.
But a lake can quench the thirst of many.
A group of people is strong.
And no matter how many times it rains, the ocean has more drops then anything.
No matter how many people are born, more are dead.
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The Plains of Dreams
Here I skip.
I skip to and fro.
I skip in the great plains.
Here I sing.
I sing a nice song.
I sing in the great plains.
Here I play and here I dance.
Here I cheer and here I laugh.
Here I am so happy and so joyful.
All in the great plains.
The great plains, for sure.
It is the Plains of Dreams.
I snooze under the watchful moon.
I grow a garden in the patch of love.
I run on the road of friendship.
I tan in the sun of happiness.
I cook my food over the fire of life.
I have been here all my life.
All my life has been here.
Everyone has been here once or twice.
You gain a new friend or propose to your lover.
Then you come here.
I am lonely when the world is sad.
yet everyone is happy a lot.
Come visit me, my friend.
I am lonely.
You wish to visit, right?
I am your friend.
I have always been here.
There are many ways to get here.
I am your best friend.
Do you remember me, it has been a while, I am your friend, Hope.
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A Forest of Souls
Here I wander.
I wander to and fro.
I wander in the great forest.
Here I wonder.
I wonder about life and death.
I wonder in the great forest.
Here I cry and here I die.
Here I scream and here I shout.
Here I am depressed and here I am so sad.
All in the great forest.
The great forest indeed.
It is the great forest of lost souls.
I sleep under the broken-hearted moon.
I fish in the pool of tears.
I walk on the path of life.
I bask in the sun of death.
I warm myself in the fire of rage.
I have been here all my life.
All my life has been here.
Everyone has been here once or twice.
A friend dies or your love rejects you.
Then here you are to visit.
I is lonely when the world is happy.
Yet everyone gets sad often.
Please, oh please, come to visit me.
I am so lonely.
Do you not want to visit me?
Visit me, in the Forest of Souls.
I am your friend.
I have always been here.
I have always offered to help you.
I can always offer you a way out of the Forest of Souls and out of your sorrow.
I am yo
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The Death of a Soldier
My friend.
My brother.
he has lost his life.
He had gone to war.
He had fought.
He had died.
I am left alone in this world.
He was my best friend.
How could he leave me?
Why did he have to go?
I was a lone without him.
And more alone without him forever.
I don't want to live alone.
I told him not to go.
He didn't listen to me.
Now he is dead.
He along with many have died at the front of war.
His blood flow disrupted by a single piece of lead.
A piece of lead moving through the tissue.
From the tissue it passed into the blood pumping organ.
It tore through anything it touched,
The tears allowed the blood to seep out any swim in his body.
This is the technical explanation the sent me.
This is what they told me happened.
He was shot and bled to death.
I will mourn him forever.
Now is when forever ends.
Now I must stop mourning.
Because the sad truth has found me.
And now my life will end just as his did.
Now I lose my life on the battlefront.
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Love Online
I love her.
I love her so much.
But I don't know anything about her.
I met her online.
We fell in love.
But I have come to question.
How can I love what I do not know.
How can I know what I have no proof of.
I am even unable to prove she exists.
She could be a he.
How do I know if anything she told me is true.
She could be lieing.
Online dating is good.
I only fell in love with who she is, not what she is.
That is good.
Is it not?
I love her based only on what I know about her personalit.
But then, what do I really know?
She could be younger or older then she says.
She might not even be real.
She could be some AI.
Yet I am drawn to her.
She wants to meet me.
This is a chance to meet who I love.
This is a chance to start a great relationship.
This is a chance to learn everything I know about the one I love is a lie.
Do I really want to know?
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Observer: War
They argue.
They fight.
They argue and fight.
They declare war.
They send their troops.
They kill each other.
For money.
For power.
For resources.
For religion.
Because they are to stubborn to believe they are wrong.
So they resort to force to show who is right.
The force only shows who can claim the most lives to prove a point.
The children cry.
The young men die.
The elders plan the wars, but see no bloodshed.
To them, it is a game of chess.
To others it is death.
The bombs fly.
The guns blaze.
The airplanes drop their carpet bombs.
The people's huses are hit.
They have nothing to live for.
And everything to die for.
To prove one mans point, they must suffer.
To convert one group, millions must die.
To create peace, the peaceful ones burn.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents - Story of My Life
Chapter 1: Hatred
Chapter 2: Sorrow
Chapter 3: Depression
Chapter 4: Homocide
Chapter 5: The Mental Clinic
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Why I hate you.
You ask why I hate you?
You dare ponder that?
I hate you because I talk and you are silent.
I hate you because I am strong and you are weak.
I hate you because you are smart and I am not as intelligient.
When I am friendly, you are cautious.
When I am excited, you are bored.
When I do something, you do not do it.
You often do something else, or even the opposite.
I hate you because we are not alike.
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But I promise I actually have a new and real account now. Why what who? I'm in college, I'm doing real decent writing now, I'm a much better person than I once was.

All the old stuff will stay here, even though I hate some of it.

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