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GoW Boomer-sized Locust with nasty chainsaw gauntlets.

original character concept © Epic games/ Microsoft (Gears of War) bla bla bla, you know the deal...
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© 2006 - 2021 genocidalpenguin
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Damn that's one pissed off Locust great work
That would be an EPIC RAAM type boss, even if it was slow like the boomers, 3 or 4 of those dudes at once....
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point blank hit with the hammer of dawn couldnt kill this badass mofo
X0HF0X's avatar
Thumbs up with a chainsaw duel agaisn't it !
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0-0 MAH GAWD MEH EYE BALLS!!! DEY IZ ON THA FLOOR!!!!! they couldn't take the awesome sauciness of this so ima go find my eyes now :iconeyeballplz: :iconeyeballplz:
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"Entire COG is BABIES!"
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where can I get a suit like that.
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The really cool thing is that insect grasshoppers actually do have spikes on their hindlegs!
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Well that's certainly something you won't want to meet in dark alley.
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I'm trying to imagine RAAM with gauntlets like that... but the awesomeness is just too much for me to handle. The chainsaw duel would have ripped the fabric of space and time. o___O
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Imagine if it was a lambent ;D
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freaking awesome !!!!!!! :wow:
GEARSLOVER521's avatar
this is fu$&&%& EPIC!!!!!
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OMG, those gauntlets... DO WAAANT! OwO

*coughs* aaanyways, this guy looks like a total badass X3 <3
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lol also, I was thinking of chainsaw gauntlets for my locust hybrid OC, but now that Ive found this it may make her less origonal XD
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*O* omg its awesome!
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You, really have originality about of this.
It´s the another enemies to the next game of Gears of War; or is the just a concept art?
Perfect work amigo (friend, but in spanish....sorry)
Kaptain-Kefiah's avatar
chainsaw tonfa-like gauntlets?
:iconashplz: <|GROOVY!|
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