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8-bit Mega Man DOS Robot Masters



Seems everybody's doing DOS Robot Master sprites now or something
So I made my set, where I aim to make them NES styled, but still mostly based on the original sprites as well
In order, they are Volt Man, Dyna Man, Sonic Man, Torch Man, Oil Man, Shark Man, Bit Man, Blade Man, and Wave Man
And I got three sets of sprites for these guys

First row has the closest to the original DOS sprites
Second row has "alternate" sprites, with the DOS 1 guys sporting "proper" Mega Man style eyes, and the DOS 3 guys having visorless looks (and Wave having the obligatory sad version)
Third row is just for the DOS3 guys, and equips them with their Transmetal armour they get eventually when antagonizing :icongauntlet101010: and his team of Mechanical Maniacs. Also has "Wave Woman", who ends up replacing Wave Man on the DOS3 team in the Mechs stories
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Torch Man (with his visor) looks like a red version of the Sniper Joe.