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Hello everybody!
Happy holidays for all of those who celebrate. :)

I have started studying art in a local college, if I'll do it right I'll have a BA in Art after 4 years...
Anyways I am quite busy with studies, work, homework... I am quite tired. Today I've got up after I had some good sleep and felt like I ran a marathon in the day before... But I am not complaining, despite the tiredness, despite the pressure I am enjoying, well at least the practical lessons for the most part. I am not sorry I've got myself into it, and that I am paying all that money. I do think I will learn a thing or two, I already did few. It gives me the inspiration, it gives me some reasons to experience things I left to be collecting dust for years in my cupboard, and I sure hope they will never again collect dust, but be in constant use. :)

Well, and now I'll do the tag, which is answering on 10 questions... I thank :icontrollgirl: for this. :P

THE TAG :evillaugh:

The rules for this tag are as follows:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs to the people that have tagged you.
6. No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

1)Name an artist that has influenced your work and whom you admire?
I don't really know any one specific artist that had that influence over me. I like many of them, also I love many artists on DA that give me inspiration as well. But if I had to name one whom I admire, it would be Leonardo Di Vinchi. That man was a genius out of his time. He was a: painter, artist, architect, machine inventor, human anatomy surgical researcher, medicine researcher, animal researcher and probably much more than anyone can imagine. He did the most dangerous and incredible things during his long life.

2)If you had an opportunity to master a completely new genre of art, what would you pick?
Glasswork, because it's awesome. ^_____________________^

3)What's your totem animal?
I don't really have one... When I was a kid I liked wolves like anyone else, I also loved swallows (the birds - from a Russian movie where a kid finds this bird in the winter and nurses it back to it's health) and black panthers, that's why my nickname is Panthera (and that was inspired by the jungle book). But the first thing I thought of right now, somehow was a dragon, because it's strong, probably smart and can fly. :) Yes, I know it's very cliche, so what?

4)Are you happy with the education you've received so far?
I don't know. There are some advantages and disadvantages. The university years were not a complete waste of time, I learned a lot of interesting things that enrich me, despite the fact I dropped it. At school years I had few good teachers and many things that happened then made me who I am now, so for the long run I guess I am not sorry. Although it is sometimes was and is a waste of time or plain boredom like anything else in life, that sometimes happen.

5)What is your favorite candy/sweet/dessert?
Nyam!!! Iced yogurt with stuff, Iced cake of three flavoures of chocolate, Fruitcake, Icecream (Italian or Croatian ones), Iced chocolate with freshly cut fruits, and a fondu with fruits. :)

6)From your burning house, what would you salvage if your family and pets are already safe?
MY BOOKS AND ART PROJECTS - they are my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7)Would you make a good ruler of the world?
Nah... I am not sure I would. Although I do have some good ideas and I have some ideals.  I lack full global understanding of how stuff work. I am not an authoritative person on one hand, and I might be quite cruel at times on the other hand - I would not tolerate violent radicals, racists, terrorists, rapists, killers, unequal treatment of people and general scum - I am easily angered by those. I'd probably demand everyone to abide the rules but also they will have their rights (as long as they are abiding the rules). I dislike illiteracy and stupidity, especially stupidity - they really annoy me (I'd educate the people). Also the power might make me blind, and I have unstable mood shifts (depression and other 'friends')... :(
I'm sure I'd do my best, and probably end up assassinated. :roll:

8)Given a choice between butterfly wings and feathery wings, what would you take?
I'd take feathery wings. Butterfly wings are too colourful for me to have, and probably more fragile.

9)In which fantasy or sci fi world would you like to visit?
Woah!!! Do you have few hours? Now seriously, I'd like to visit in many. :)
My own, the ones I create - would be the crown choice of all, but also: Avatar (both Sci-fi and The last airbender); The spirit world of Spirited away; The world in Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman books; Forgotten realms of R.A. Slavatore - surface - Icewindale, wizards village and the city of lady Elastriel, in the underdark - the SfirthNebli city, maybe Mendzobarenzan if I would shut my mouth - or know the Drow languege and be undercover; Harry potter - magic world - Hogwarts, Hogsmead and the Diagon Alley; Terry Goodkind - Eidindril, Westland, D'harian Palace; LOTR in elven cities, the shire, in "Treasure Planet" movie world; in 'Howls Moving Castle' world; the world in "How to train your dragon", near where the dragons live.
Also I'd love to have some magic abilities or/and fighting and flying skills and probably I would like to be an elf or something that pretty and kind... ahh.... My fantasies...
But instead I'm stuck in a Human body in a human world without applicable magic, fighting or flying abilities... ahh... My fantasies...

10)Who's scarier - Frankenstein's monster or Romney?
I'm not sure... I am bad with politics, and I do not know Romney. But I sure hate Nasralla from the Hezbolah and his friends (also from the organizations and/or just sponsoring politicians, and/or "brothers" in arms) who; worship massacres, death, hatred and cruelty, ahh and brainwashing to stupidity and all of the mentioned before - this scum is the scariest because they stand against everything I believe in and strive for and they are very productive in their hate-violence works.

And now my 10 questions for anyone who would answer:

1. What is your favourite media to work with in art and why?

2. What is your best work so far, and why?  (show me)

3. Can you accept constructive criticism or you think of it as 'flaming'?

4. Did you go to the art school and if yes, then did you gain there something? What did you gain?

5. What is your dream in life?

6. What places would you like to visit and why?

7. What is your favourite hobbie?

8. If you could master any skill or profession, even the imaginary or fantasy ones, what would you master?

9. What book is your favourite?

10. What is your favourite song/band/musician/genre/composer in music? Link please? :flirty:

Sooooo, who would be my victims...? And who would actually answer those questions? Also if you are not in the list but would like to do the tag, feel free to, and link me back!!!

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Thank you for your time and patience. ;)
See you.


:heart: My dear sister!!!  :heart:


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I'm totally with you on wanting to learn glasswork.
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One day, glasswork, here I come. :D
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A about number 10 Obama actually is very anti-israeli [link]
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Thanks for the article, but I am not an American citizen, so I can not participate in these elections.
I would check a bit the agendas of the contestants before voting for, and I'd chose the more pro-Israeli one, or less anti-Israeli if that would be the choice.

But also despite all this democracy talks in the USA, I've got the impression you don't really have much to choose from.
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yes that is the case we have crappy choices
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If we were to wed you could share in that limited choice;p just joking
Genny-Raskin's avatar
Thanks, that is so sweet of you. :blushes:
I think you are the first one to say so. Just joking. ;P

(I'm teasing you, you are the first one to say so). :)
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