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Dear sir or madam,

I regret to inform you that breeding at the sauce-bearing weasel research institute has come to a halt as several specimens have escaped from their habitats. Our worst fears have come to pass as a variety of these species that would never normally come into contact in nature have cross-bred. We were hoping that we would only have to contain awkward tasting sauces, but instead an army of 15 foot tall blood-thirsty uber weasels with highly explosive sauce have been on a rampage. They posess inhuman strength, and lazer eyes. The government sauce contamination division has henceforth stepped in to contain the situation. I should have known that man wasnt ready to tamper with sauce and nature, but.. my god what have we done...

  (name omitted) wrote:

> Dear sir,
> I was quite taken with your theories concerning
> sauce weasels. I was
> wondering if you would consider expanding on this to
> cover some of the less
> common varieties of the noble and majestic sauce
> weasel. For example:
> The puttanesca sauce weasel.
> The butterscotch sauce weasel.
> The sweet & sour sauce weasel.
> The hollandaise sauce weasel.
> The chocolate sauce weasel.
> The duck sauce weasel (AKA the plum sauce weasel).
> The applesauce weasel.
> The hoisin sauce weasel.
> The tartar sauce weasel.
> The molé sauce weasel (a possible cross-breed of the
> chocolate sauce weasel
> and the hot sauce weasel?).
> I hope that you continue your research in this area.
> The scientific
> community will eventually come around.
> -(name omitted)
After a month of being disconnected from my computer thanks to the wonderfully reliable microsoft software I can finally use the again useful box in my room. I can finally log on to this site. Basically I can finally get back to ignoring everyone without an excuse to do so. Looks like I missed that binary universe event. Who decided that I was in the top 30?

Microsoft is an exemplary corporation. Their software is solid and reliable. I have most certainly not recieved any threats requarding the matter.
Officially hired. That is all.
Officially getting laid-off hooray!
New webcam. Please keep your love letters to a maximum of three per person per day and specify if its for me or Kong. I gotta admit Kong has got it going on in that emo sort of way.
Dood. I've made so much artwork since my last post. Although I'm usually humble about this sort of thing I have to say it looks pretty good. Which is why I'd love to post it, but It wouldn't be quite legal to post the intellectual property of a huge company like Midway. In any case at least I can tell you what it's about... wait no that would violate the contract... Oh well no art for you! Gotta sell out and pay the bills and such. Maybe Ill make something in my almost non-existent free time.
I have hit'd 10,000 page views. I took four years of posting a semi-steady stream of crap made to look pretty. I guess the appropriate thing to do now is post more of said crap... when I get around to scanning it.
Well I'm 22. At this point it's practically like 80 which officially makes me old. I guess I should get a 401K plan... oh crap a white hair! Well its about time to get that mail-order Thai wife and become confused by popular culture while griping about why I didnt get promoted at my dead-end generic office job.
Dooood. Whats up with having a full time job? It takes up soooo much time. Like most of the day. It sucks. Whats up with that? I have four hours to myself when i get home till its time for sleep. They should make the work day five hours long instead and pay more. Why do i have to pay back my loans anyway? They need some sort of "dont feel like paying it back" program. The sad thing is i dont even have any real work to do at my job yet. The project hasnt started so basically i just sit there and try to deserve an actual salary. Oh well. At least I get moneys now to spend on a box to hold my shattered dreams. Haha thats funny. Im just kidding. I dont have any dreams.
Heres an update on the job search: I've decided to accept midway's internship in lieu of Insomniac's rejection of my character test. After having reviewed my portfolio, they gave me a week to model and texture a character with only one drawing and a few parameters. I'm not sure what it was that they felt was not up to par. I just wish I had some example of what they were looking for. I wanted to avoid working at midway as much as possible based on what i saw in person and from accounts of people who worked there, but it looks like there may not be another option depending on how the interview with the Toy Story 3 people goes tomorrow. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it would be a good start despite moral objections to the creation of such a sequel.
Its gonna be quiet here for a while till i get up off my ass and get inspired to make some more art. Im one of those weird artists who doesnt often draw just for the sake of drawing. Ive gone months without puting pencil to paper for something other than writing (bad Gennady, bad). Perhaps because usually i had a reason to make art: being bored in classes, homework, portfolio, etc. Both are done with at the moment. I did recently buy an actual sketchbook though. That shoud be interesting as most of my stuff is done on loose sheets of animation paper which is hard to carry around. I dont know when, but more stuff will be posted eventually.
Now im a non-student......... (twiddles thumbs)............ This sucks........... (waits to die).
Im graduating at the end of this week. The ceremony starts at six and ends with me in a fetal position muttering to myself in the corner of my room which i have to move out of by sunday.
The results of the job fair were better than i thought they would be. Ive three callbacks from studios which ill have to relocate in order to work at. Those are at the bottom of the list as id rather stay in southern California. Disney gave many people including myself a callback, but it was only a somewhat desperate urge to send our portfolios for consideration. Working at Disney would be a great way to start with a nice salary and work hours although id have to sign the contract that allows them to own anything i create. Itd basically be like lending my soul to a huge conglomorate. Another option is Midway entertaiment who seem to be eager to get me to start a preliminary internship which wont be for much pay and carries no guarantees. I know that video game jobs carry the risk of unpaid overtime and low wages so well see. Nickelodeon is supposed to call me any day now about a position possibly for Spongebob. Not bad after being turned down by Nick two times prior. Warner brothers, who i was hoping to get a callback from seems to have mistook my portfolio for someone elses and never contacted me. I intend to make them aware of this even if i have to show up in person. Dreamworks as well as a few others are due to contact people at their own liesure. Im really hoping for Dreamworks to as it offers much of what im looking for. Id even be willing to ignore the fact that they made Shark Tale. All of this is quite a dilemma, but a good one. Ill try to keep my options open for as long as i can without losing an opportunity. I guess ill see what happens.

Update: Well it seems that Midway is the only one i can consider as the others were either out of the question or BS. The companies who said that they would call have not called anyone. Looks like ill be job searching the usual way. Im not too thrilled about Midway, but ill get to interview and check it out on monday and know for sure.
Im noticing that im starting to get depressed about graduating. Im also starting to feel strangely alone. Its not so much the worry about finding good work, but the parting with something ive gotten so used to. It seems to me that my life started essentially around the time i began college as everything before was mostly total BS. Considering this, it seems like im leaving my entire life as i know it behind. Of course there is regret, but im sure that most of it is irrational as i feel that ive used my time fairly well and learned more in four years that in any of the previous ones. I also tell myself to never think the worst before experiencing what will happen next. For all i know things will work out well afterward. Even so, i cant shake this feeling and im sure it will get a lot stronger before it subsides.
Job fair on the 12th of May. For my demo reel all of the 3d scenes are rendered, most of the 2d stuff done with just some scanning and coloring left and a bunch more compiling and DVD authoring work left. Then ill kill another ink cartridge printing the same for my portfolio. Upon this day being fruitless i have planned an hour long nervous breakdown in my room characterized by a long stare at a blank wall in a fetal position with occasional spasms. I plan to be fine afterward.
Im getting concerned about the outsourcing issue. 2D animation has thoroughly fallen to it and 3D is next on the list. That includes video games. Its only partially happening at this point so maybe i can make a name for myself before it completely goes to *@#% and get some job security. Frankly for the first time i feel like im on a sinking ship being in this country. How many years until the only jobs left are managerial, in-person service, and maintenance, but theyll find ways of outsourcing that too. Robots controlled by people in India Korea, Russia, or China probably. Oh well. I dont trust machines made in the US much anyway.
My time at Calarts is nearing its end. Ill still return of couse for life drawing, visiting people, etc, but there will be a lot that will be changed forever. There is somewhat of a heavy feeling about the whole situation. I know that i wont see most people ever again. Even close friends will move for work or back home. Then ill be left figuring out what it was that ive gained from all of this that i can keep. Of course theres plenty, but people are drawn to think more of what theyve lost than what they gain. This feels like a period of waiting for some important test result. The test being what i can make of myself and the results will be known to me about the time of graduation and after. When i can land a job and firmly ground myself in a good social life as well. I try not to worry as i know that it wont help. During high school graduation reality didnt set in until later. I imagine the same thing will happen, except back then i knew right away where i was spending the next four years.

I hear from people much older that this is hardly the beginning of my life and ive nothing to worry about. It makes sense after all. The first 16 years are a blur and i was too stupid to comprehend anything truly important. Based on that Ive only really been aware for six years or so. Not too shabby for six years. I know that in the early twenties the brain becomes chemically fully matured and along with some other changes a person is technically an adult. I think im reaching that phase as i can suddenly gain weight now. I was roughly the same weight for three years and then bam twenty extra pounds. Ive worked it off though through diet and biking. I never cared about carbs and saturated fat until now.

Every day has been a working day. Im trying to leave the last month for compiling everything into my portfolio and demo reel. The job fair is the big goal. If that doesnt work out ill probably sulk staring at a blank wall for hours. Later ill mail out my demo reels and wait and sulk some more, but im still fairly optimistic.
A piece of my brain might possibly be missing. The piece that contains the memory of how and when said piece was removed by the mexican mafia and/or aliens. Dont ask me how i know this... because i dont remember. That brain piece is missing.