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Policies on Requests:
Requests are done one person at a time. Once I'm done with your request, you're free to submit another. To submit a request, please send me a note with the subject "RE: Request", followed by your request. I mainly do requests for free. Do understand that I have other projects going on so it may take some time for me to finish your request. I will stress, please don't give the same request to other Gmod/XNALara/SFM artists.

For comic requests, try to keep them as short as possible. Ideally, not more than five panels.

I do requests for free. However, if you're inclined to commission me, then I'd highly highly recommend that you point commission me or drop a donation. This is mainly on principle to respect the copyright owners of the models and to avoid any legal liabilities.

Please comment and fave the request I made for you. It serves not only to motivate me to keep on working, but also motivates me to be more active with my audience and the community.

The following I will not do:
Giant Men
Long comics (I'm already participating in a collaborative comic already ^^')
Scat, Coprophilia
Extreme gore
Hardcore vore
Foot odor
Male feet
Hardcore sex
Lastly, anything that violates dA's rules
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:iconlizzyrose1:: Comic - Grenade Launcher troubles with Jill and Yoko :star-half::star-empty:
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:iconmilizeelashee: Fusion dance with Connie and Morrigan :star-empty::star-empty:
:iconxsakuyachan510x: Morrigan vs Lilith Race :star-half::star-empty:
:iconsalsano: GTS Nami dominating Sora :star-half::star-empty:

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:star-half::star-empty: = In planning stages
:star::star-empty: = In progress
:star::star-half: = Almost done
:star::star: = Completed

Feel free to RP in any images you chose. To indicate that you're talking out of character during the session, please use "OOC:"

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Original Characters:
Connie Marshall (AoC OC)

If I don't have the models, I will do my best to track them down for you :).


GenMarshall DYOS PwP Comic #1: Enter Ysanne Ledoux
Give thanks to El-Thorvaldo for nagging me to create a comic. :P

With the front lines in Europe bogged down in to a World War I style of fighting (until Thor gives me the green light to blitz into Germany), I had taken my energies more Gem-centric by setting the motion to have Civ promoted to Grand Moff and get up to speed with the situation with the Gem.

This also marks a first point, in the story's chronology, that I use decent Imperial Officer's uniforms for my officers and characters. I used them before in the past, though they didn't have any ability to change the rank plaques.

Ysanne Ledoux is a Republic Intelligence Director (abet recently promoted) that I have intentions taking the lead on cracking the Gem's secrets, with individuals like Dr. Breen and Hannibal already cracking the code. Ledoux is placed in a situation to play catch-up due to the Republic's attention being focused on the Toyodian Insurrection, the Third Nazi War, and Johnson's vigilantism. I will go more in detail on Ysanne Ledoux in her own character page.

Characters, Models, Images, etc (c) to their respective owners
Rank Structure of the United Systems of Coruscant
I have been for a while in a huge project to revamp and reboot my fictional nation. One of the big things was reorganizing the rank structure of the United Systems of Coruscant. I chose to go with the ANH Scheme since it's less reliant on the ESB's structure of utalizing rank plaques and the positioning of security cylinders. For reference I utilized a simplified version of Himster's Imperial Rank chart. Though what bothered me was the lack of a captain rank (NATO OF-5, US O-6) in the naval rank. Obviously the rank structure borrows heavily from the armed forces of the United States.

One oddity is the United Systems Security Bureau (Itself a successor to the Republic Security Bureau and the Imperial Security Bureau) are the enlisted ranks are generic templates of various ranks from various police precincts. Justified given the nature of the USSB's job is roughly equivalent to that of the French National Gendarmerie, charged with internal security, border patrol (on terrestrial worlds with multiple nationalities like Earth), immigration and customs enforcement. In it's general nature, it's a federal law enforcement within the Department of Homeland Security. In contrast to it's sister branch the Coast Guard which enforces space and maritime law and safety.

What's not listed is the United Systems Intelligence (itself a successor to the Imperial Intelligence), which utilize (minus the Enlisted Ranks) the same ranks as the USSB. The USI would perform a similar role to that of the CIA/M16. The USI is one of the members of the United Systems Intelligence Community.

One of the big things for veteran DYOSers is the absence of the rank of Surface Marshal, that has been incorporated into the rank of Grand General (Ergo, Civ Antilles would be retroactively hold a rank of Grand General). It would be odd to see someone with the surname of Marshall being addressed as "Marshal Marshall". It's most common to see Grand Generals and Grand Admirals serving on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and rarely seen on the front lines. 
Arctic Camo Widow
A simple reskin of Widow's Biathlon skin, plus a pair of goggles and an Ushanka. The scenery itself was a bit of a challenge to light since it's in a snowy map (Does wonders to the bloom, which I had to tone down in the camera settings), plus tried to replicate a gun range. As for the snow, they're just particle effects.

Amélie "Widowmaker" Lacroix © Blizzard Entertainment
Characters, Models, Images, etc © to their respective owners


GenMarshall's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm mainly a hobbyist artist that dabbles into digital art with the use of Garry's Mod, XNALara (XPS), Source Film Maker, and various paint programs including MS Paint, GIMP, and Paint Shop Pro (I largely use MS Paint to construct a comic page, then import it to GIMP or PSP.)

Those who know me at CivFanatics as one of the contributors of a collaborative series known as "Draw Your Own Story". I've been involved with it for years and perhaps one of the remaining contributors from it's first inception.

Influencers (Gmod/SFM): The-AOC-Universe, DasBoSchitt, Lt_Commander (SFM for Gmodders 101) & Jimer Lins

Recommended YouTube Channels:
Kurtjmac's Farlands or Bust
Culveyhouse's Lets Play
Gopher's Lets Play

Like Giantess? Have Garry's Mod? Then you'd like posing with them.


Hard Drive Dying

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 9:40 PM
No sooner then when I came back from work and turned on my PC, I get a check disk scan that won't compleate (always stopping at 3%). Restarted my PC and always ended up with a "Reboot and select a proper device". I booted up my PC again via a Linux USB boot stick to be absolutely sure nothing else is going on (and to recover my files). I then went ahead and gotten Easy Recovery Essentials and booted up fine, though still buggy and now cannot run Steam (not that it matters as I'll explain in the next paragraph, though I can run it on my back up laptop). Right now I'm backing everything related to SFM onto an external hard drive.

right now the plan is to back all of my essential files (SFM, Fallout & Skyrim) onto my external hard drive. Then shop for a new HDD (plus Windows 10 since I doubt licenses for Win7 would transfer) and while I'm at it, a newer video card that can play Fallout 4. Pretty much accelerating my PC build plans, but more or less in a situation where I'm replacing parts. I may, during a diagnostic sweep, replace my memory chips if any of them show a defect.

As of this time, much of my SFM work is going to be on hold until I get my PC in a working and stable state. While it may have been a disaster, it may be a blessing in desguise since it would give me an opportunity to get some hands on experiance replacing computer components (not sure if I can spin that off on a resume :p ). So long as the computer is not under warranty.

Knocking on wood that it's just a simple "gotta scan the disk completely" scenario and not a "The physical hard drive is failing and must be replaced" error.

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61 deviants said Yeah! :dummy:
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