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Guitar Hero 3 Kramer Stencil

So here is the start of it all. I am in the process of creating a custom vinyl sticker for my Guitar Hero 3 Kramer PS2/3 Guitar. The only problem, so far no one has made a stencil to use as a starting point. The solution, make one myself and (because I am a nice guy and believe in sharing) share it with the world.

So here you go, it is pretty straight forward, if you just want to modify the strum board just use in inner white part cutting out the space for the strum bar and the Buttons and you are set. Color away. If you want to use the full guitar face just use the whole thing remembering to cut out the space for the whammy bar.

I am starting on my first of these projects pretty soon here. I am thinking along the lines of the Southern Water Tribe's Wolf War Paint pattern. Enjoy!

Oh! Also if you would like to post this (or a modified version) somewhere I don't mind, just please give me credit for it along with a link to my devart page. Also If you use this stencil to make your own vinyl sticker, please note me a picture of it. I would love to see it.

Obviously I do not own the rights to Guitar Hero or the Kramer label.

Oh, and just to be sure, sorry, but commercial uses of this stencil are NOT allowed. In other words, if you want to make vinyl stickers to sell, I am afraid that I DO NOT give permission to use this stencil. This stencil was created for fan/no profit use only, under constideration of the Fair Use section of International Copyright Law.

EDIT: Much love to Morning Toast ([link]), they just put up my stencil on their website along with a link to my page. If you are skinning you axe, you should definately check out the site. It has some great resources.
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Sweet, just what I needed! 8D Will use.
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Is It Possible To Get The Xbox360 GH3 Controller Vector Stencil? It'd Be Appreciated If You Had Any Idea Where I Could Get One. Otherwise I'll Take It Into Work And Measure It Up.
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hmmm, no I am afraid I don't actually own a XBox360 GH3 guitar so I can't make a stencil.....Nor have I seen one on the internet that I can remember....Try hunting around GH3 forums and see if anyone has seen one running around. I am afraid you may have to make your own though.
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Oh Well, Its Not Hard, I Got a Vinyl Printer At Work, So I Can Print Any Design I Want On Pretty Much Any Vinyl, I Got a Type In Mind, But It Will Cost about $250 Just For That Strip Of Vinyl To Cover The Front Of The Guitar.
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GH is wicked!!

and cool sticker
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yes it is, and thank you. This is not the final sticker, yet. I just wanted to upload the template I made so that other people could use it to make their own stickers.
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ohh cool
well i'll be lookin for the fin one. oo cool
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:) Thank you, I am having alot of fun making it.
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Welcome. thats good
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Love Guitar Hero III!
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How could anyone not? If all else fails, it has songs from The Who, Rolling Stones, and Muse. What's not to love?
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