Kingdom Hearts 2 - We Remember
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As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

Lyrics (Graduation) (c) Vitamin C
Riku, Sora & Kairi (c) Square Enix & Disney
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Comments (34)
RetakeThisWorld's avatar
RetakeThisWorld|Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, I love this.
I love Kairi's hair and Riku's ice cream. xD
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conveyor-belt's avatar
conveyor-belt|Student General Artist
Oh wow! I love How you colored this! All of the colors are everywhere in the shading/highlights... :nod: And the kids are lookin totally awesome!
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PlutonianNight's avatar
PlutonianNight|Student Artisan Crafter
This is lovely! I love the coloring and the cute concept.^^
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thatnaminegirl's avatar
This is really good! I like the color scheme and the clothes and the originalness and everything.
Good Job!
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Dezian's avatar
My husband and I are totally obsessed with this game! This is a great pic...the colors are absolutely amazing!!!
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neochick's avatar
neochick|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work with the colouring! I envy anyone that can use traditional colouring methods so well! *bow*
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sapphire-pyro's avatar
impressive coloring :)
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laithwen's avatar
The colors on this are absolutely stunning. :D Incredible shading. :heart:
And aww that song makes me sad. XD
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AuroranWings's avatar
AuroranWings|Student General Artist
Aww, that's so cute! I love the theme behind it, too!
Very nice job on the colours, too! :aww:
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Adri-Ayumi's avatar
Love the colour man ^_^ the poses are great too
nice work!~
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Ravenspeaker's avatar
awwhh that song always gets me choked up
this is such a great picture, fabulous job with the coloring
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hiraikotsugirl's avatar
This totally rocks! Great job! I love Kairi's face in this.
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Nekoias's avatar
This is cute! Is it after or before KH2?
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GenkiTenshi's avatar
I'd say after, because Kairi's and Riku's hair are longer. Thanks for the fave and comment! :D
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Nekoias's avatar
No prob! And that's true rikus hair is mad longer and kairi doesn't have the bob thing any more *points to avvie*
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princessmarina's avatar
Wow they look so happy!! i love Kairi's Dress ^^ i so can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 2 to come out too!! :excited:
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Skytyne's avatar
Awesome work ^^ I love the style you drew them in, and the combinations of colors that you used.
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MrsDannyPhantom's avatar
OOOO I love that song!
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Ishbalan's avatar
Love it. xD My graduation song. Hah. /Beautiful/ colouring.
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ashleyweirdo's avatar
i really like the peice! the poses are great, their expressions are adorable, especially riku's, and the coloring job is amazing! :+favlove:
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MoZz-ar-eLla's avatar
i really like it!
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kurios's avatar
kurios|Professional Digital Artist
Very cute. I especially like Kairi. Cute pose, nice emotion, and I like her dress.
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KingdomKeyChan's avatar
The color is great.

You avatar cracks me up!

Sora: Stupid DDR pad. WORK!!!
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starry-tip's avatar
I love the color and outfit designs~!
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