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Save Not Cute Things

By genkistamps
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Ever hear of a Kakapo? How about a Baiji? The Santa Catalina Island Rattlesnake, still not ringing a bell? Or a Gharial, surely you've heard of that! No? Um... Skunk Frog, Golden Mantella, stop me when you hear something familiar, Axolotl, Yangze Sturgeon, Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly, nothing?

What do all these animals have in common? They're more endangered than the Grey Wolf.

Nobody gives a shit when critically endangered snakes and insects are mass killed yet when one wolf gets shot people are up in arms picketing.

And don't tell me you can kill snakes and it won't affect the environment. Then I know you don't know anything about animals. In some parts of the world, snakes are keeping the rodent population down. Less rodents, more food for people and less disease transfer.

So in short... Dear "Save the Wolves" crowd,

You don't care about animals; you care about the cute ones.

Love, Genki.

brb, advocating saving an endangered mosquito.
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BreakfastCriteHobbyist General Artist

Tbh I think all animals are cute and important, wolves aren't more than others. They have to be protected and so other animals do, the "cuteness" doesn't have to impact. Save the gharial, save the fossa, save the axolotl!

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What about Chinese alligators? They're not cute, but they're definitely interesting.
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Nyarlathotep-KissesHobbyist Digital Artist
Kakapos!!! :love:
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kakapos are babey :3
AimeePenguins's avatar
kakapos are fucking cute
and luna moths
can't forget axolotls ;)
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Axolotls are so cute!! Just like all animals. All animals are cute
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I love all animals, tbh. I don't understand why people are saying we need to kill sharks, snakes, bats, spiders because they're scary, ugly or because of movies, especially Jaws, but I like it, and I love animals. If these animals were exctincted, we'll be surrounded by deers, rabbits, any herbivorous animals and it'd be bad for Earth and everyone because we need predators to keep the foodchain healthy and stable. Without them, our world will be very different. And sorry for my shitty english, I'm french.
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RorrxHobbyist General Artist
I love sharks!
they are at the peak of their evolution, and are quite cool.
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Fearlesswolf22Hobbyist General Artist
I'm only asking but what creatures do you mean that aren't cute?
(I think some are cute that many people don't including Alligators, Spiders, Rats, Mice, Lizards, Snakes, Port Jackson Sharks, Mako Sharks as well as 'typical cute things' and care about what I don't find cute because to me they all matter. (I don't know how many are in the wild etc. but I do care.)

Also, to people that say if I am attacked by one I will hate them because I won't, I was bitten by an Akita as a really young kid and guess what? I love Dogs and Akitas (both) are one of my favourite dog breeds. (Not sure which Akita breed it was, though.) I learned it wasn't put down either, thankfully. 

The only problem is cockroaches, they do anything to get inside people's houses to steal food, they stink when they die which attracts and causes females to lay eggs, it can make you really sick etc. But I don't like stepping on them or spraying them I have to use baits instead but I still feel bad for it. 

I put spiders and slugs outside, though. (They never come back in.) :) (Smile) 

Mosquitoes? I use an indoor quiet zapper thing, I don't have a choice because they love me. (If there is one in the house, I guarantee you it will be in my ear when I go to bed.)

I am now curious about some of the creatures you mentioned, though. (School only taught basic animals but not rarer ones so much.) 

Also, I don't own any Wolves, so please don't say mine. (I don't get why that term is used for wild animals. I hope I didn't sound aggressive, I wasn't trying to be.)
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I actually like mosquitos.
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WolfieYoteHobbyist General Artist
I hate when people kill snakes because they think they're gross wtf
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Save the vultures! Of the 22 vulture species, nine are critically endangered, three are endangered, four are near threatened, and six are least concern.
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zucchini354Hobbyist Digital Artist
YES! People always called me strange for liking vultures... but they are cool!
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PETROL-TANKStudent Digital Artist
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Save the Axolotls, they're critically endangered and possibly extinct in the wild!
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I would protect all of those except the kakapo.
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I think the kakapo, the baiji, and the gharial are famous.

For me, it's just "save the predators, parasites and the biggest herbivores". They are the ones that keep ecosystems running.
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zucchini354Hobbyist Digital Artist
All animals keep it going, normally not one can be taken out without at least a little change.
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Save the rhinos, certain species of insect, The star moles, Frogs, Rats, Snakes, Spiders, Stone fish, axolotl, I can go on and on.
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SuqardaddyHobbyist General Artist
"brb, advocating saving an endangered mosquito."

ppfffftt tt

but if mosquitos are extinct nothing bad will happen though. they are just blood-sucking tiny monsters.
even there's a species that spreads disease.
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RorrxHobbyist General Artist
they are more than that btw.
mosquitos are IMPORTANT to nature.
look at the effects when they started to kill them off.
Also people are going modify mosquitos to spread cures, not dieases.
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SuqardaddyHobbyist General Artist
sorry about that comment long ago :v
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RorrxHobbyist General Artist
ehh it's ok, but I hate when it when they bite me DX
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KeuIiseuStudent General Artist
im more concerned about the endangerment of Common Sense.
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