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Fandom Idiots

Inspired by a fandom idiot who commented. And Monty Python. [link]

Fandom idiots. Like village idiots. Except for fandoms.

Fandom idiots are the ones that people use as examples as to why -insert fandom- sucks. They're drama mongerers, batshit insane, terrible writers/artists, just plain stupid, or all of the above.

So, who is your fandom idiot?
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Rabid Canon x Canon or OC x Canon shippers, always!
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the touhou fandom isn't as bad as other fandoms, but you still have it's idiots:
-people who bash undertale fans
-weebs/creepy dudes in general
-people who only rely on fanon 
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Been going on about Call of Duty, and somehow they get too extreme for what they are worth, especially over Staff and Actors, one guy said he wanted to DP an actor, and another said that he had White Cis Lord privilege, and is extremely sexist. And now fans are constantly bickering with each other over Battlefield 1, Boots on the Ground combat(which IMO is well needed) and many other things. Also there are some insane furries out there as well.

Seriously I don't get why some Disgusting Cislord has to rant over ''No Women in Gaming'', I absolutely hate it when these fans believe in what GamerGate stood for.
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Every fandom I've ever been in has at least one group of village idiots...

The Naruto fandom has the rabid Hinata haters and rabid Sakura haters.

The Bleach fandom has the entire IchiRuki fanbase.

The Frozen fandom has the rabid Elsa fanboys and HTTYD haters.

The MLP fandom has the cloppers.

The Sonic fandom has the entire shipping fanbase.

The Steven Universe fandom has the SJWs.

The Black Butler fandom has the yaoi fangirls.

The Kingdom Hearts fandom has the yaoi fangirls.

The Pokemon fandom has the entire shipping fanbase.

The FNAF fandom has the furries, and the Purple Guy fangirls.

And the Star Wars fandom has the Reylo shippers.
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Brittanyisasexymunky. He's a zoophilic pedophile art thief who's in love with a cartoon chipmunk. Please report him.
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I broke the favorite button... ah well.
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Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin: HEICHOU RIVAILLE IS SEXY BONDAGE SEXY, armin has shota eyes LOL xDDdd, JEAN IS ACTUALLY A HORSE LOL WHAT IS IT EREN?, MARCOOOOOO OO OO OO OO O OO OO OO O  O - basically, overused memes and the crying and baww'ing over Marco the side character who never meant all that much and who died. (-:

Tokyo Ghoul(:re): giant fights about Mutsuki Tooru's gender / transphobia, ignorance and misgendering that happens all the time in anything Mutsuki-related ever, rabid HideKane shippers, HideKane shippers who call literally every other Kaneki x X pairing problematic and abusive, people who bitch and moan about how they hate every new character introduced in :RE, people who only watched anime and in conventions don't even regognize :RE cosplayers as being Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers too

MLP: creepy grown-ass men who are everywhere

The Lion King: people who ship a lion and a hyena but yell "eww gross!!!11" at lesbian lionesses, fan theories that make every pairing ever into incest, recolor "ocs"
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LMAOOOO where's the lie 
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WWE - Rabid Cena Fans and Haters,Rabid Roman Reigns fans and haters,Rabid TNA haters,Rabid ROH haters,Rabid UFC haters and Triple Htards
Steven Universe - Too many Social Justice Warriors
Naruto - NaruSasu fangirls,Rabid Gaara haters,They hate One Piece
Sonic - Too many Nintendrones!
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Well, since my main fandom is quite small, it's actually quite peaceful. Yes, there are a few mean people/idiots, but not very much. Most of the people are nice.
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MLP: Rabid fans aka Ponyfags
FNaF: Rabid fans
SU: Rabid fans
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Undertale: Rabid fans
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But can you really blame the 'terrible writers/artists'?
Yea most people do but I'd rather give them a chance and see how they improve .-.
Eh whatevs

Fandom idiots, basically anyone in the fandom that goes "RULE 34!!!!!!!!!!" >.>
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Mine are unpleasable purists.
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I have so many fandom idiots!
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Or I wouldn't have any lulz
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Mine are yaoi fangirls.
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I've run away from New Who fandom to join the Supernatural fans because I came across far too many village idiots
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XD omg cannot even breathe so friggin funny XD
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Most fandoms are entire villages of idiots :P
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