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Is it your imagination

Or did the Haunted Mansion just get invaded by anime?

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(it seems to have a problem in a zoomed out size..)

This was a project set in place for a friend of mine. There were several pieces involved, but these were definitely the most intensive part of the project overall! So much work!! SO. MUCH. WORK...
That pattern work on Zelda was a bitch and a half to do, and why I decided to use Rei's Eva outfit over her school uniform, I don't think I'll ever know. The billowiness from the shirt would've worked nicely with the quicksand, and would've looked a little more like the suit the guy wore in the original portrait.

There are still some anatomy issues with this, more with Ryoko than anyone, but my biggest concern with all this was that all the characters look different. That was a much bigger challenge than I expected it to be. I mean, yeah body language works, I can get a sort of expression down, but...Do they still really look like them?

Not that I want to copy each style directly. I don't think I'll ever have been able to pull that off unless I traced them, LOL! But I hope that someone can see this and say "hey! That's Haruko!" without too much of a problem, LOL!

And just incase anyone questions it; no the black buy isn't from any anime, that's Dee Jay (My hubby and the "Goth" of GenkiGoth, LOL!!) and the client specifically asked for him to be in there. With heart printed boxers. I laughed the entire time I worked on his portrait, LOL.

Ok, I'm done rambling!! Back to work for me!!

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Where is the guy in the second one from the left from?
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Actually, he's from no anime in particular, he's Goth (a.k.a Dee Jay in real life lol!) Funny story behind that one; the whole illustration was a commission from a local band. One of the things they stressed on was that Dee Jay be the one on the keg of dynamite. We had to ask several times because it was such a uh...interesting request but the lead singer was totally for it. So now, we have dubbed that particular panel Black Dynamite LOL!

SmokeyandtheBandit's avatar
Okay. Do you take requests?
GenkiGoth's avatar's the best way to answer this. I wanna say it's yes and no.

Yes because it's great to collaborate and trade with other artists,

no because I've been inundated with commissions to take on free work. I'd totally love to do trades and requests and the like, but at the moment I don't quite have the time to do so.

That being said, It'd be nice to do one in the future!

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I can live with an art-trade too:nod:. Want to do one of those?
SmokeyandtheBandit's avatar
I saw a version wih a Batman theme.
GenkiGoth's avatar
I remember that one and it was pretty bad ass!!!

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sorry i didnt mean that sorry!
TheClawofdoom's avatar
omg you are nothing like a :painter: in fact i can :paint: better then you!
GenkiGoth's avatar
Good to hear!

RandomPerson1310's avatar
Why do I understand the reference perfectly? WHY!?
dragonmun's avatar
Squeee! I couldn't wait to see this piece completed! It's amazing!
*is laughing even harder now than when you explained the concept to me! X'D
ZackLoup's avatar
Wow, Jared just showed this to me and it looks flawless! I really got a kick out of the portraits, and Jared and I's expressions are hilarious too! You did some excellent work! I'm honestly floored right now!
Tofutastic's avatar
I kept wondering if that was Dee Jay XD Pretty rad art my friend, looks great!!
shirotsuki's avatar
Oh god Dee Jay. I lol'd. Miriam. Why you do!?
Ame-Mizushima's avatar
Oh this is awesome!! So creative as well!
LethalPepsi's avatar
lool this is too cute for words XD I would have never thought of this in a million of years
Monostache's avatar
OMG I totally love this! Disney and anime are two of my favorite things! X3
Oni09's avatar
Why does Rei have to go down first? *sad face* lol
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