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Prove It 1.4
Casey honestly, at this point, did not know what to do. He was completely beyond words, beyond thoughts or hope. He was extremely tempted to give up.
The thought of seeing Meggan every day and not being able to have her as a part of her life seemed impossible and daunting. Like he wasn't man enough to be near her and not have her. And here he was, talking about her like she was a possession, which she probably would slap him for, if she heard him.
He knew where she was. He knew that was where his feet were taking him and that she'd be there and that she'd refuse to see him. But his feet and his head weren't really talking to each other right now.
He'd made her cry. Simple as that. She'd never let him see her cry full out, but there was only once place where she was comfortable and felt safe enough that she could cry. It took him a half hour by foot walking at a quick pace.
He forgot his mp3 player at school, and he was dying for music right now. To be specific, he wanted Meg centered m
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The First Time
at 5 AM
Slight pain,
muscle strain,
sweat beads
on my brow.
It didn't hurt,
like they told me.
It didn't amaze me,
like they told me.
It didn't drain me,
like they told me.
Adrenaline rush
bodies crushed
against each other
in the heat of the moment.
It wasn't inspiring
but I'll always
how forgettable it was
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The Weatherman
with the thermostat
the door
at his side
the world
from sweating
and shivering
He's just
another forgotten
offering me an umbrella
He's too small
to beat global warming
(don't mean he won't try)
I'll never forget
he kept me warm
even if only for an hour
Though, I'm still in love
with the newspaper guy
I just can't seem
to get the weatherman
off my mind
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The Bus
            I have recently experienced an enlightenment unlike any other. I am now full of knowledge. Perhaps if I was Buddhist I would say I had reached Nirvana. But in reality, I have only come to understand the sum of all of my problems.
I am a complete and total moron.
It, like all stories worth telling, starts with a girl. The girl I’ve been in love with for exactly a year and a half as of 7:47am yesterday.
            She is of course, beautiful. She’s not long legged, blonde and stunning, like the girl you’re expecting me to be in love with. In fact, she defies every stereotype ever written, it would seem. She has jet black hair with blue streaks – but sometimes the blue streaks are purple or red. I’m not sure how often she dyes her hair, but I love it. She likes to wear mismatched clothing – like she wears scarves during summer w
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Scotch and Whiskey
         He screamed as he threw a glass cup across the comfortable living room, styled very much like the one on Masterpiece theatre. The scotch and ice spilled over the floor – a scruffy looking dog ran over to start licking up the mess. “Damn it Whiskey, get away from that!” Jason shouted. The dog whimpered and ran away, the little bell on his collar making a soft jingling noise as moved.
“Don’t yell at your dog! He didn’t do a damned thing!” A pudgy woman in a red business suit and thin glasses was standing behind him. His vision was a bit blurry from the scotch, but Jason recognized her voice. He’d be listening to her whine at him for years now.
“Would you shut up, woman?”
Diane sighed. He was drunk again. Jason was always drunk now. Mostly, whenever Jason was around, she wished she were drunk all the time too. “You were drunk on the Tonight show. Nobody will hire you if you keep do
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Prove It 1.3
Casey's eyes scanned through the crowd as they shuffled into Caldwell High on Monday morning. People were running every where – trying to cram for the first period test, trying to set up equipment for the last period assembly. Everybody had some place to be.
And he was positioned next to the girl's bathroom, waiting for one specific face to come out after her morning ritual.
He grabbed Taryn's hand and pulled her underneath the near by stair case. Taryn was Meg's best friend. His personal favourite inside source. Taryn was always willing to help him because she knew how much he loved Meggan – and she thought that he could make Meggan happy.
Casey, personally, just really hoped that Taryn was right.
"Taryn, I need a favor." She sighed and rolled her green eyes. Taryn was quite pretty in that conventional way. Casey had once had a crush on her in sixth grade. He'd asked her to dance at a school dance, she'd said no. He was hurt to be rejected, but that was when he first fell in love with
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True Stories
This is a poem about my life
It really doesn't matter what's wrong or right
Please don't believe every word that I'm saying
The story's not real, its just what I'm feeling
It might be confusing; it might be hard,
It's got nothing to do with flowers in the yard
But here we go it's a fast pace-quick step
Tripping over your oh too right feet to the left
I'm selling drugs on the street just to feed my friend's baby,
And we keep hoping that tomorrow just maybe
One of us will die so we can stop fighting
Until then, this painful poetry we'll be writing
This isn't a story for love or truth
This is a story of kids sneaking onto roofs
And we do what we have to do to survive
Each day fighting the pain that's inside
Next door lives a girl who gets straight A's,
But mostly she wants to put a bullet to her brain,
Cause all she really wants to be pretty and skinny,
Wishes people would look at her the way they do Christina and Brittany
She's giving up her fight; it's a losing battle,
Her fire's out, a
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Mature content
Dance Floor Whores :icongenivrv:Genivrv 0 0
Prove It 1.2
Casey was officially giving up.
He'd spent three days pondering how to prove he loved Meggan. And honestly…he couldn't think of anything.
There wasn't anything though. He had to show her, but there was no words, no actions…nothing that could show her how much he needed her.
Her smile was what got him through the day. Knowing he could talk to her was his primary reason for logging onto the computer. She was his light, his fire. She was…Meggan. And that was all there was to it.
Oh sure, he'd thought of romantic gestures. Flowers in her locker. Notes. Cookies and presents. Romantic evenings…great sex. Well, it was a thought. It'd be a great way to prove to him that she loved him.
After all, he thought, I am a seventeen year old male. And at such age…it is my firm belief that sex should be the solution to all things.
He smiled. Whenever he said something along those lines, Meg would tease him. She'd laugh and kiss his nose and ignore the fact that he was an idiot. Or rather, the fact that
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Since When
I'm already broken, stop trying to crack me.
I'm already shattered, put the bat away.
You can't hurt me anymore.
You can try to drive me crazy all you like,
I was insane long before this.
I'm reading about giraffes and gold bracelets turning silver,
Nothing makes sense anymore.
It's not a piece I'm sharing,
It's a piece of pain and hurt and bloody satisfaction,
But I won't give up and you can't stop me,
Move, I'm not afraid to hurt you
My truth is not a weapon,
It is not a shield,
It is a pole; separating us.
Thank the Gods for that.
I can't stand to be next to you,
Your smell is intoxicating,
Makes me want to see what colours I can make you turn.
I think I'd paint you green,
Soft and gentle but oh so furious,
Green with envy, green with pain,
Since when have I ever been conventional.
Dream on,
I'm not your lover.
I'm not your friend.
You can hide me from the world,
But I don't stay hidden.
It's done and I don't want it back,
Deal with it.
If I can't have everything, I'll want somethin
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Prove It
The rain was pouring down around them, but he didn't see it. It was like a pale paper-thin veil of light came down and covered her. There were no tears on her face, no light. She was just walking away.
  It felt like with every step she took, another piece of his heart was ripped in half. There really wasn't much left.
  She turned. Had he called her name? He didn't remember. Her chocolate curls shone in the rain, dampening every minute, framed her face so perfectly. He honestly thought she was perfect. Most people didn't see it – they saw the blemished skin, the frizzy curls and the flat lips, but he saw her for what she really was. The most beautiful thing he was likely to ever see in his life.
   He didn't want to find a more beautiful thing then her, really. No flower, no poem could compare. She was amazing in every aspect. Her laugh and smile was his reason for living. Every time he saw her all he wanted to do was pull her into his arms and do wh
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Everything stopped making sense
She            is
Oh                   so
Broken                        torn
Shattered,         beautiful
When                 she
Smiles,  but she never really does
So                  he's
Waiting                         just
For                    her
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Jim the Iguana
She walked into the hospital wing, her white uniform neatly ironed and pressed, stain free.
As she entered the patient's room, he was staring out the window. The walls were starch white and pale looking – so sterile looking to the point where it seemed grungy.
It wasn't a place anyone wanted to be. So clean and trying so hard to be pleasant that it was depressing. Everyone who entered this hospital dreaded it. The workers, the patients, the families who entered the hospital were always praying that they didn't have to. Nobody actually wanted to be there. And why should they? People don't go to hospitals generally for good reasons.
Outside the window-it looked so… free. It wasn't really, the crowded streets of Amsterdam seemed bleak and dreary at this time in winter, but from inside the hospital it appeared irresistible. The room was so empty…a bed, a few monitors and an iguana cage on a table in the far corner.
It was an old hospital. She hated it here. It was solemn-like you could fee
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Mature content
Her :icongenivrv:Genivrv 6 4
Rayne Desktop by Genivrv Rayne Desktop :icongenivrv:Genivrv 16 7
Goodbye to happiness, cause I found something worse.
Goodbye to life cause it's just not working.
Goodbye to money, you were never in my purse.
Goodbye to warmth, coldness is lurking.
Goodbye to her, she isn't what I require.
Goodbye to him, he wasn't ever around.
Goodbye to you, you didn't help my desire.
Goodbye to me, I promise not to make a sound.
Goodbye to that, it's over now.
Goodbye to this, try not to cry.
Goodbye to the end, take a fucking bow.
Goodbye to the beginning, this is where it lies.
Goodbye to hurt, I can't feel.
Goodbye to pain, I'm moving on.
Goodbye to time, it's not a reel.
Goodbye to ever, it's a non.
Goodbye to hell, I'm leaving.
Goodbye to heaven, it's not some jive.
Goodbye to you, I'm done dreaming.
Goodbye to me, I was never alive.
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Tired of the world that we live in
It's a given that we're all sinning
Too hard to see the pictures from the past
That we lived with
Feeling abandoned and alone
Kicked around like a stone
Escaping the nightmares
That haunt my days
Erasing the memories that block my dreams
Don't cry on a sleepless night
Don't dread the days ahead
Look back on the past
And renew the future that lyes
Beyond the horizon
Turn to brighter days
With the sun shining.
Feeling used and forgotten
Like a thrown away condom
Can't live with the mistakes once made
Can't stand the life thats played
Around me
Like I'm not apart
Of the drama
An act that's wasted
To impress those around me
Trying to seem as someone else
Not the person I'm thought to be
I wanna be somebody else
Anybody but myself.
Blood red tears
Dripping down my face
Thinking of a place
Where I can escape
This red stains my clothes
Pierces my heart
Like a thousand thorn rose
Hides my pain
Tearing down from the inside
Ripping apart my soul
That drifts awa
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What She Doesnt Know
You met her just a few months ago, and somehow she managed to slide into your subconscious like that "Holiday Inn" song. Just like you have no clue who the hell sings it, you don't know why she's there. But she is, whether you like it or not. You know her cell phone, and her home phone. You could probably dial her vacation house in some far away country faster than you can peck-out 911. But she doesn't know.
So you know that she's there, not just any there, but there like the feeling of embarrassment when someone separated you from your swim suit in high school right in the middle swim class. You know that she listens, but she really doesn't understand. Not only does she not understand but you just don't make any sense. You have all the right words, but they are never able to come out together, and if you do end up pushing it all out you sound like a second grade kid trying to read Shakespeare.
There isn't any practical way to go about the things that you feel are absolutely necessary.
:iconjulietslastmistake:JulietsLastMistake 11 52


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So I've been of the absent for a while.
But I'm back.
Baseball's up and running like crazy, I'm obviously still as insane as ever. ^_^
I'm angry and I'm happy to report that I'm writing it all out because hey, that's what I do. So yay for me.
New pieces should be popping up soon, we'll see. ^^
Get excited, Genivrv is still alive. Whoot!

And hey, who doesn't love some angry prose to start the day?


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Canadian university student, specializing in contemporary literature with writing aspirations.


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