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Wonderful work, thanks for using our stock!:)
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Parabéns pela criatividade e execução sempre impecável!
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Gentileza sua minha querida, obrigado!
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Ahaha, this is nuts
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Haha, it's a bit sad for the cat, but it looks great!
Thank you again for using my stock :) However, it seems you forgot to link to me in your description...

I hope you don't mind if I give you a tip? Most stock providers require you to link back both you their account, and to the specific stock. We do this so everyone can easily find the link to the stock if they'd like to use it too, and so that people can still find the source if for reason the deviations gets deleted. I require this, and I know for a fact some of the other stock providers you've linked to require this too... Most stock-providers are very lenient when it comes to our rules, but we put a lot of time and effort into providing this stock (often for free), so we really appreciate it if people follow our TOU :)

Many stock providers I know also feature artwork that includes their stock, so taking a few minutes to make sure you follow the TOU will benefit you too! Generally if you link back to the deviation itself, and the profile, you're good to go. Using the DA links instead of copy-pasting the browser links makes it look neater too ^^
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You're welcome :) I've added an edit, I hope you don't mind
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