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Splitchy the Spookster

By GeniusFetus
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Critter design for the Halloween season. I originally drew him without the eyes but I ended up liking the top heavy look. with leaking lime green nacho cheese. =P (Razz) 
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The greens in this piece work very well by providing dynamic eye movement and focal points. The darker color scheme / values work well to further emphasize the greens and really bring them out. I certainly wouldn't want to meet this thing randomly outside at night, so it that was a feeling you were going for you nailed it.

Overall, great work!

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Awesome work <3

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When you drink too much mountain dew.

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Gug! :) Yours seems to have acid saliva.

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This looks like something Ultraman would fight....most definitely.

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How does it stand?

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Kinda sticks his pointy legs into the ground ;)

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Definitely someone i wouldn't want to run into in any kind of alley.
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Come to think of it, how many things/enemies in Warfram actually have visible eyes with pupils? Not many, and barely any with multiple eyes.

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you got a point, please send this to DE so we can get this creature from our lord GeniusFetus ^^

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Guess he does look kinda infested :D

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Eww, like a DnD Gug's freakazoid cousin. XD

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A legendary work !!!!

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