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Ultra-Violet Pearl!

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Eyes : pink Ultra-Violet

Hair : Ultra Violet

Belongs to : she belonged to a fusion of pink Diamond and Blue Diamond. They made her to PURPLE diamonds bidding.

Relationship to the gems. : after Pink died, Blue threw her out in anger, banning her. She washed up on the shore of Beach City, found by Garnet, Garnet brang Ultra into the treehouse and waited for Ultra to wake, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven came back from the Town, Pearl was very concerned, “ I thought Ultra was dead! “ she said. “ you know her?! “ Steven asked, “ yes...she was made by Blue and Pink Diamond, for the fusion of them, Purple Diamond. “ said Pearl. “ sad. Where’d you find her? “ Amethyst asked Garnet, splitting into Sapphire and Ruby, “ on the beach. “ said Sapphire “ go get some bandages, please my love.” She said to Ruby, she came back with a roll of them and suddenly Ultra started coughing, waking up.

Weapon, given in SECRET to her by White Pearl. : bow, arrows produced from her gem.

Skin : light Violet

Age : 7,927 years old.

Favorite color : Red

Favorite animal : Lion, like the Pink lion and just lions

Favorite food : steak

Hobbies : painting, talking with Garnet, drawing with Pearl, swimming with Lapis, learning from Peridot, Eating with Amethyst and watching the ocean and talking with Steven.

Weakness : loss of her friends

Amazed by : watching Amethyst Shape shift

Rank : second to Pink and Blue Diamond

Poor thing 🥺 one like, one bandage for Ultra-Violet Pearl!


do whatever you want. xD 🪐✨✌️
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