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( OPEN ) Wolf Adoptables

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( OPEN : 1, 2, 3, 4.

) CLOSED : ( none taken yet. )

Paying type : POINTS ONLY

All of them are optional 6-8 points

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I actually worked for like three hours on these in very proud of them, my personal is number two, I personal named them Divine, but please name them whatever you want, I just think their beautiful! So, I do all these on Procreate, which is an app I use or sweep over almost every hour of every day. It WAS 4 bucks but it’s totally worth my money. ( it’s not sponsoring me or anything I just love the app. )

Shout out! ⬇️⬇️⬇️



They watch me and if you see on her profile it will say, “ give me your kneecaps or else. “ so, now I can’t walk because I gave up my kneecaps to the great starglowey, okay but seriously, thank you for being one of few people who, come to my profile and say ello!

Okay this is finally the end, scroll back up and look at my masterpieces:3
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