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CYAN PEARL!!!!!! ( Steven universe. Obviously.)

I love her so much! I had to make her left arm like really small so I could fit her huge hammer so I’m pretending she’s like bending her arm. Lol. So yeah.

Eyes : a variety of cyan blues

Skin : light cyan

( oh yeah, and her left eye is covered but, it’s GREEN! Her left eye is green because it’s a side affect of being a different gem/pearl nobody has ever seen! )

Weapon : a big industrial hammer

Relationship with main characters : friends, lives in beach city, is maybe a love interest for Lapis Lazuli!

Works for : she worked for Blue Diamond but escaped and hid for thousands of years and found Beach City, Peridot found her huddled and hiding in the barn, scared, she hit Steven with her hammer, almost killing him with the powerful hit.

Lapis comforts her, bringing them as closest friends. ;)

Weakness : loneliness.

Her rank : her rank in Blue’s palace was supreme royalty. Almost like Blue’s daughter. But, Cyan felt like she was being used. Not cherished. So she ran.

Age : 21,263 years old. Wow.

Favorite animal! : Dolphin! She felt...almost connected to it!

Her favorite food ( random, I know.) : Swedish Pancakes filled with cinnamon and sugar topped over with melted butter and chocolate!

Favorite color : turquoise!

Created by : unknown! Blue Diamond found her in a field on earth and Cyan couldn’t remember anything about how she was made. But it felt...almost like...she was stuck with...somebody else in her body...

Amazed by : Steven and the gems ( that could be a band xD ) took Cyan to the park and she was FASCINATED by how the SWING worked.

Hobby : singing with Pearl, and hanging with Lapis and Peridot, cooking with Steven, playing board games with the gems and petting Lion.

Comment down below what you think of her! Thanks!
Also if you think she’s a fusion! If so, with who? If not just let me know what your thoughts are! Also, theirs more coming soon! Golden, Ultra-Violet, Brown and more pearls!

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