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CreepyPasta Story!

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This is a HORROR story, do not read if you do not like horror! Also, 100% fiction!

What’s that noise?
A horror reading

I was laying on the couch watching a football game, gripping the controller in my hand, the moon shone from outside my windows. My cat purring in the corner of my living space, happily rolled on its back. My mom called me to the kitchen, being 10, I lived with her and listened to her, of course I went to the kitchen, my dad standing next to her leaning on the island. “ Conner. Your friend, Daniel wants to spend the night. “ my dad said, I was pretty relieved it wasn’t about my school grades, so I relaxed my tense shoulders and looked my mother in the eye. “ is that alright? “ my mom asked, shuffling. “ yes yes! “ I said. “ great cause he’s here.” My mom said, I heard a door slam shut and a muffled “ bye, see you tomorrow mom!” Coming from my best friend on the other side of the door. I rushed to the door and flung it open to see my blonde haired hazel eyed friend clutching a duffel bag that spelled like sweat and boy.” Hey! “ I said, pulling the bag out of his arms and hugging him for a moment then picking up his bag for him and setting it down on the stairs. “ okay, we are going to a restaurant for the evening, will you be alright? “ my father asked. “ of course. We’re men.” Daniel said, puffing out his chest, half sincere. My parents chuckled a bit then left the garage and shut the door behind them. A bit later after some swimming and wrestling, there was a knock at the door. “ dare you to answer “ I said to Daniel. He glared in anger and swung the door open. “ hi.” Said our female friend, Samantha, who I had the biggest crush on. “ hey Samantha.” I said awkwardly. “ can I stay the night? I snuck out just for you guys so even if you say no I’m staying.” She said, sweeping her jet black hair tucking it behind her ear. Her brown eyes glared at me for a moment. “ board games? “ she asked unzipping her bag, Clue poured itself out. “ yes!” Said the boys.

They sat in the living room on the old carpet, Daniel, the animal lover stroking my cat, Rose. Suddenly there was a thud from upstairs and the three got up and glared up the stairs, a pot of roses spread on the floor. They walked up and heard another thud come from My room. They walked to his room and opened it hesitantly. His small TV that could only play Just Dance 2016 on the Wii lay on the floor, cracked. Three more thuds came from downstairs and they all ran downstairs, horrified Daniel ran out of the room into the bathroom, puking his guts out at the sight of Rose, my cat ripped open, her guts on carpet and wall. “ what...w-what..” I said. “ Conner...grab Daniel. We need to get out of here. Fast.” Samantha stuttered, her voice shaky. I nodded and ran to the bathroom, grabbed Daniel and treaded outside through the back door next to Samantha. “ what do we..” Daniel said but got stopped by the horrific sight of his house, catching on fire, lighting up his hole backyard. “ AHHH OH MY GOD UHH “ Samantha said, SPLASH, went the water of the pool as Daniel feinted and fell in, Samantha and I grabbed him and lay him on the ground. Twigs snapped behind us and we whipped around and we saw two huge eyes staring at us from the bushes, Samantha grabbed a plastic bat nearby and chucked it to the bush. The figure walked out of the bushes. Tall, gray, ribs showing mouth with teeth everywhere, on the top and bottom of its mouth, blood trickling out of its mouth. The figure stepped over the pool and stood right in front of them and bent down, it breathed on them, the breath smelled like Rose. Their feet felt glued to the floor, Samantha was pale and just staring at the figure. I had tears running down my face. It grabbed Daniel and put his head under the water, Daniel hitting its hand, bubbles rising from him. Crack. The figure twisted his neck. They both screamed and started to run across the yard, they hopped the fence and looked back. It stared at them. Not following them. Just waving. Waving.

Hi! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks!
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